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Augustmuni is a small town situated on the banks of Mandakini River in Rudraprayag at a height of 1,000 metres. The town is known as the place where Rishi Agastya meditated for several years. Tourists visiting the town can see Agasteshwar Mahadev Temple dedicated to the Rishi.

Being a hilly place there are many facility available at Agastymuni for tourists and pilgrims. Helipad in AugustMuni There is an open ground where helicopter & chopper facility available for the famous Hindu religious place Kedarnath Temple.

Road Route To Augustmuni to Kedarnath

The route from Augustmuni goes like this : Augustmuni – Kedarnath – Augustmuni.

The flying time is around 45 minutes for a round trip to visit Kedarnath from Augustmuni in Helicopter.

AugustMuni Temple

Agastyamuni is famous for the temple of Maharshi Agastya and by the name of religious guru Agastya it is called Agastyamuni. This small town falls under hiily district rudraprayag of Uttarakhand state (India). The temple used to be Saint Augusta’s place of worship and includes August Kund and a Lord Shiva temple. A temple by the name of Agasteshwar Mahadev is dedicated to sage Agastya and this temple is also of an archaeological significance; figures of Gods and Goddess have been carved out on stones. On the occasion of Baisakhi a large fair is held and many devotees come here to worship and pay their homage to God.

Temple Ancient Form

This place in Rudraprayag is believed to have been Saint Augusta’s asylum where he used to offer his austerities to Lord. It is said that the temple was once flooded with water and was brought to ruins. It was then seen by a local in his dream.

When people visited the temple, they found Saint Augusta’s Kund and established his idol at the same place which is still worshiped in the form of Saint Augusta. There is also a temple of Saint Augusta’s Guru Mahadeva in this place.

Mythological Importance of Augustmuni

There are a number of different legends related to this place. According to one such legend, it is believed that when Saint Augusta visited this place, it was terrified by two monsters who were called Aatapi-Vatapi. These monsters used to disguise themselves and invite people to their place for lunch. Innocent saints used to accept their offer and visit their place. It is believed that when people used to visit their place, one monster used to turn himself into a dwarf and used to hide in the food being offered. Doing this, he used to enter the person’s body and then cut it out from the inside when called by the other monster. The two monsters then ate the person. People were terrified by the two monster brothers and asked Saint Augusta for help.

Listening to the people’s problem, Augusta went to the monsters’ place to eat food. The monsters used to same trick and Saint Augusta started doing some spells. This killed one of the monsters. The other was killed in a battle with Saint Augusta later on. This is how the people living in this place got rid of the two monsters with the help of Saint Augusta.

Augustmuni to Kedarnath Distance

Augustmuni is 58 kms from Sonprayag, which is a parking station for Kedarnath pilgrims. Total distance from Augustmuni to Kedarnath is 72 kms. All buses from Rishikesh to Kedarnath passes through Augustmuni which makes it an important place during Chardham Yatra.

About Kedarnath - Know more about Kedarnath

Distance Chart from Augustmuni

Augustmuni to Yamunotri : 279 kms
Augustmuni to Gangotri : 268 kms
Augustmuni to Badrinath : 176 kms
Augustmuni to Kedarnath : 71 kms
Augustmuni to Delhi : 407 kms
Augustmuni to Noida : 390 kms
Augustmuni to Ghaziabad : 372 kms
Augustmuni to Gurgaon : 428 kms
Augustmuni to Meerut : 322 kms
Augustmuni to Chandigarh : 370 kms
Augustmuni to Bareilly : 373 kms
Augustmuni to Kanpur : 685 kms
Augustmuni to Lucknow : 664 kms
Augustmuni to Shimla : 431 kms


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