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Badrinath Weather

Latest (Current) Badrinath Weather Forecast

The best visiting season for Badrinath is summer months from May – November with May/June being the most crowded months when the pilgrim rush is at its peak and September/October being ideal for a more relaxed spiritual journey. Due to heavy rainfall in the area, visitors may face difficulty reaching the temple during monsoon season (late June to Aug).

Latest (Current) Badrinath Weather Forecast


Seasonal Overview on Kedarnath Weather

Badrinath in Summer (May to June

March to June are very pleasant with moderate climate, with average around 18°C. Summers is ideal for all sight seeing and pilgrimage.

  • Summer is considered the most favorable time to visit Badrinath.
  • During this period, temperatures range from around 5°C to 18°C (41°F to 64°F).
  • The weather is generally mild, making it suitable for pilgrimages and tourism.

Badrinath in Monsoon (July to September)

July to mid-September are accompanied with scanty rains and also temperature drops down to 15°C. The region is prone to occasional landslides and travelling can be difficult.

  • The monsoon season brings heavy rainfall to the region.
  • The temperature remains moderate, with daytime highs ranging from 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F).
  • Landslides and road closures are possible due to heavy rains, affecting travel plans.

Badrinath in Autumn (October to November)

  • After the monsoon retreats, the weather becomes clear and cool.
  • Temperatures start to drop, ranging from 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F).
  • Autumn is considered another good time to visit Badrinath, with clear skies and pleasant weather.

Badrinath in Winters

November to April are chilly days with average minimum touching near 5°C. Minimum can touch sub zero levels and snow falling seen very often during winters. Badrinath temple is closed during winters for 6 months.

  • Winter in Badrinath is cold and harsh, with temperatures often dropping below freezing.
  • Snowfall is common, and heavy snow covers the landscape.
  • The temple is closed during the winter months, usually from November to April, due to extreme weather conditions and heavy snow.

Best Season / Best Time to Visit Badrinath

Before planning your visit to Badrinath Temple, it’s essential to check the Badrinath temple’s schedule, road conditions and weather forecasts. The ideal time to visit Badrinath temple is during summer months when the weather is conducive to travel.

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Best Time to Visit Badrinath Temple

Ideal time to visit Badrinath is certainly during summers from May to June and then in September and October. Summers are not hot and receives maximum number of tourists.

Badrinath Monthwise Weather Details

Badrinath in May

May marks the opening of Badrinath Shrine and start of the tourist season for Badrinath. Climate is warm during day with very less chance of rainfall. The heavy woolens are required and extra care is required for travelling with kids and old people.

Badrinath in June

The weathers starts getting warmer making and marks best season to visit Badrinath. Snow begins to melt down and natural greens starts to blossom. An ideal month of taking up the Badrinath Yatra.

Badrinath in July

July is prone of heavy rainfall which can cause landslides and disrupt your journey. Snow can be enjoyed on slightly higher altitudes.

Badrinath in August

The area receives occasional rainfall, making August a popular month for visiting Badrinath. You can also visit Valley of flowers (best time) during your Badrinath temple visit.

Badrinath in September

The temperature starts to dip but September is still a popular months to visit Badrinath.

Badrinath in October

Winters starts from October and you may experience snowfall as well. This is the last month of the year for tourism as well as pilgrimage.

Badrinath in November, December, Janauary, February, March, April

The weather is extremely cold and tourism is not possible as the way to reach the pilgrim city is completely blocked by snow. Badrinath Temple is closed during these months.

Tips for Badrinath Yatra

The Badrinath Yatra is a sacred pilgrimage to the Badrinath temple in the Himalayas. A pilgrimage to Badrinath involves traveling to a high-altitude location with varying weather conditions. Here are some tips to consider for the Badrinath Yatra, taking into account the weather conditions

Check Weather Forecasts

Before embarking on the journey, regularly check weather forecasts for Badrinath to be aware of current and upcoming weather conditions.

Pack Accordingly

Depending on the season, pack appropriate clothing such as warm layers for winter or rain gear for the monsoon.

Plan the Itinerary

Plan your itinerary well in advance, considering the weather, road conditions, and the opening dates of the Badrianth temple. Make sure to factor in some flexibility for unexpected delays.

Respect Temple Closures

Be aware of the winter closure of the Badrinath temple and plan your visit during the accessible months.

Understanding of weather conditions in Badrinath is essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. By planning accordingly and staying informed, you can make the most of your spiritual journey to this sacred destination.

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Arun Pm

Badrinadh tample last pooja how many date’s

Arun Pm

Sir, i am from KERALA to badrinadh i am starting from KOZHIKKODE 09/11/2021
Delhi to 12/11/2021 how many days traveling Delhi to badrinadh


Resp.Sir we are booked tickets in char sham Yatra in Uttarakhand from 11 August to 20 August , please suggest

Srinivas CNN

Char dham Yatra which time is the best month & in the May month we can see snow falling

Rakesh Kumar Kataria

2018 me Badrinath ji ke kapaat kis din band hoge ?

Ujjawal rk

How would be on 17th of june. We hv planned our visit at that time.


If i go badrinath on 18 june will i get snow


I am planning to go for chardham yatra from 30 August 2018 from New Delhi. Is it ok to go in end August till first week of September ?


Namaste. I am a solo traveler and planning to travel to Badrinath in the 1st week of July (From 1 July – 4 July). Bookings are yet not done. Can you please advise if this is a good time to travel? Will there be very heavy rains and will my tour be disrupted? Or will the rains be light and manageable? Please advise so that I can plan my trip

sandeep kumar
Reply to  Mukund

Not at all . It can disrupte your tour due to rain and landslide.

Himanshu gupta

Can i go in the month of april 25 is it safe to ride


Hello ! I am planning to visit Badrinath Dham with my old parents in first week of May 2018. Can you please share some information about the weather ,road and hindrance on route , if any .

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Baghel

May month is perfect for darshan. Do your bookings in advance as there would be crowd in May-June. Road and weather will be just fine in summer months.

Rimita pal

Does the committee members arrange Bhagwat katha for bhaktas or is it arranged by the swamijis for the bhaktas or bhaktas arrange ? Kindly guide

Abhilash Singh

Can I drive to badrinath dham in last week of Jan-18?
Is any type of permitted for driving or visiting there in Jan-18.
Kindly inform me about the same.

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Abhilash Singh

Yes you can drive till Badrinath. In this season it is covered with snow.


hi, i want to visit Badrinath ji in december. Is road will clear in december and where i can darshan of Badrinath ji?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  abhishek

Most of the time roads will be clear except heavy snowfall. You can do darshan at winter abode of Lord Badrinath at Narsingh Temple in Joshimath.

G.K. Neupane

Hello !
I want to visit Badrinath from Haridwar on 2nd Nov.
Can you give me detailed information about the visit

Hemant Singh


I am planning to come to Badrinath on 29th. are there are chances of snowfall or roadblock due to snowfall ?
Also, are some hotels available for booking during that time ?

Thanks in advance

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Hemant Singh

Hi Hemant, There are no chances of major snowfall at Badrinath. Only scarce snowfall could happen at high mountains near Badrinath. Roads are open and hotels can be easily available.


hi, I am going in badritnath in fews days how the road is going on now ? Is it easily to reach badrinath ?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Alix

Hi Alix, road to Badrinath is fine and easy for ride. You will reach Badrinath very easily.

Nilesh Dave

Hi, I will visit Chardham between 7 to 16 September, Is there any road blockage in past week ? And how much safe this time visit for Chardhaam ? What about rain possibility ?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Nilesh Dave

Yes, there were some road blockage for 1-2 hours in past week on Badrinath road. But now everything is ok and yatra is safe very much. Rain possibility will be lesser than now on as monsoon season is getting over.

Deepak Chandak

whether is it safe to visit badrinath for 2.5 months pregnant woman???

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Deepak Chandak

Hi Deepak, As Badrinath is well connected by road, it is very safe to reach by comfortable vehicle. Extra care to be taken only at driving through roads which are damaged at some points due to heavy rain. You can visit Badrinath in October when there is good weather.


In these days after 10 August possible for badrinath travelling. How is the situation of dham

Nilesh Dave

Hi, I want to visit Chardham yatra in September ( 7 to 16 Sept ) . is it right time ? Safe Time ?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Nilesh Dave

Yes, Sept is gud tym to visit Chardham.

b kishku

it is save to month of may visit char dham tour


is it save to visit chardam on end of july and early of october?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  gau

Yes sure, its totally safe to visit Chardham in July Aug Sept Oct. Over 15 lac pilgrims visited this year. There were road blocks due to heavy rain but alert administration cleared all routes within no time. So your are welcome to Devbhoomi for Chardham.

P.Gopal Rao

Is It Safe To Visit Badrinath On October Last Week?
Kindly Guide Us ..,,
Thank You.

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  P.Gopal Rao

Sir, Badrinath is easily accessible by road. October-Novemeber are one of the best months to visit Badrinath. The shrine closing dates will be decide on 11 October. Closing of shrine will be updated at


want to know hiking how many days to complete the char dham yatra


can we plan to visit badrinath in first week of november this year? or not possible to visit during this season?
kindly guide us for the same, by mail


Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Darshit

Hi Darshit, Badrinath will be closed at October ends. Its better to plan for September or October.


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