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Panch Badri Guide

Badri Vishal is the main shrine of Lord Badrinath in Badrinath Temple. Besides the main Badrinath temple, there are four other smaller badri temples where Lord Badrinath is worshiped under five different names. These are collectively called the Panch Badri or five badris.

List of Panch Badri Temples are:

  • Badrinath Temple : The most popular Badri temple is Badrinath. Badrinath is also the part of famous Char Dham of Uttarakhand and India. Badrinath was constructed and renovated by Adiguru Shankracharya.
  • Bhavishya Badri: It is located at a height of 2744 mtrs amidst the thick forests surrounding Tapovan. An image of God Narsingh is preserved and worshiped here. The devotees come here from Tapovan Dhauliganga, pilgrims have to trek 6 kilometer from there to reach the shrine.
  • Yogdhyan Badri: It is located at a height of 1920 mtrs, 23 kilometer short of Badrinath shrine at Pandukeshwar. King Pandu is believed to have meditated here after the victory over Kaurvas and before he left for his heavenly abode.
  • Vridh Badri: It is located at a height of 1380 meters. This is the first holy place of Lord Badrinath and located at Animath. It is said that when mankind entered the age of Kali, Vishnu chose to remove himself from the temple.
  • Adi Badri : Adi-Badri is 19 kilometer away from Karanprayag on Chaukuthia-Ranikhet road, where there is a group of 16 temples, which dates back to Gupta age. The main temple is dedicated to Narayan and has a raised platform in the pyramidal form. Within the temple, a black stone idolis installed.
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Sacred Yatra Exclusive Panch Badri Yatra Destinations CoveredĀ : Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Rudraprayag - Pipalkoti - Badrinath - Yogdhayn Badri - Bhavishya Badri... Read More †

Badrinath Temple

Badrinath Temple or Badrinarayan Temple is a famous Chardham Temple. Badrinath Mandir / Badrinath Temple is situated in Badrinath town and dedicated to Lord Vishnu.... Read More †

Adi Badri

Adi Badri Temple Adi Badri is the group of 16 temples, located close to KarnaPrayag. The main temple is dedicated to Narayan (Lord Vishnu) and... Read More †

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