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Hotels in Kedarnath

Kedarnath is one of the most populuar shrines of Lord Shiva, and is also the part of Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand. There were many hotels, lodges and ashrams in Kedarnath, Gaurikund, Rambara which offered budget accommodation to pilgrims. But with the flash floods in 2013, all the hotels and resorts are washed away.

Note: NIM & Other helping authorities have constructed few budget camps and tents in Kedarnath. It is also working towards creating many more accommodation options for tourists. Now the tourists/pilgrims can stay with GMVN Tents & Camps only.

Many Travellers (pilgrims) also stay at hotels located between Rudraprayag and Kedarnath:

Rudraprayag (Hotels in Rudraprayag), Tilwara (Hotels in Tilwara), Agastmuni (Augustmuni hotels), Hotels in Chandrapuri, Guptkashi (Hotels in Guptkashi), Phata (Phata Hotels), Sitapur (Sitapur Hotels), Gaurikund (Hotels in Gaurikund), Ukhimath (Ukhimath Hotels), Chopta (Hotels in Chopta), Gopeshwar (Hotels in Gopeshwar).

Accommodation Facilities Near Kedarnath Helipad

Journey to Kedarnath Dham is not an easy one. To reach the temple pilgrims have to take the 18 km trek from Gaurikund. It is not possible for the aged people to undertake this long tedious trek. Kedarnath helicopter services were started for the convenience of the pilgrims. Currently chopper services for Kedarnath are meant for three routes-Sirsi helipad, Guptkashi helipad and Phata helipad. If you are travelling by helicopter to Kedarnath then for your ease we have listed the best Guptkashi Hotels, Sirsi hotels and Phata hotels near these helipads which you can book.

Top Places to Stay in Guptkashi

  • Camp Nirvana
  • Char Dham Camp
  • GMVN Guptkashi –Tourist Rest House
  • Vishwanath Tourist Lodge
  • Rawat Tourist lodge
  • Hotel Madhuban
  • Hotel Himalayan
  • Arti guest House
  • Himalayan Comforts
  • Hotel Shubham
  • Hotel Mrityunjay Palace
  • Hotel Tridev
  • Kedar Valley Resort
  • Kedar camp Resort
  • Buransh Heli resort
  • Hotel Shri Hari (Sirsi)

Best Hotels & Resorts Near Phata Helipad

  • Yatra Hill Resort
  • Hotel Shri Hari
  • Ghughuti Resort
  • Hotel Paradise
  • Madhu Tourist Lodge
  • Anoop Tourist Guest House
  • Hotel Bharat
  • Hotel Ayush Tourist Lodge
  • Raj Palace
  • GMVN Phata Tourist Rest House
  • Himalayan Villa

Best Places to Stay at Kedarnath

Given in the table below are some of the best Kedarnath hotels, resorts, camps and homestay where you can spend your time in leisure with your family and loved ones. You can choose these hotels in Kedarnath Dham according to your price range and needs.

  • Hotel Under ₹500-₹1000
  • Tulsi
  • Madmaheshwar Homestay
  • Hotel Vishnu Palace
  • Mrityunjaya Palace
  • Hotel Dev Darshan
  • Hotel Gauri and Restaurant
  • Hotel Under ₹1000-₹2000
  • Hotel Shri Hari
  • Yatra Hill Resort
  • New Shivalok
  • Himalayan Comforts
  • Kedar Valley Resort
  • Kedar Camps Resort
  • Alpine Camp
  • Kedar Kashi Cottage
  • Hotel Under ₹2000-₹3000
  • Shivalik Valley Resort
  • Ghughuti Resort
  • Hotel Under ₹3000 and above
  • Adhvanta Resort
  • Behl Ashram Hotel
  • Kedar Camp Resort
  • Hotel Ajay
  • Himalayan Home Stay
  • Kailash Residency
  • Kedar River Retreat

Following is the list of hotels in Kedarnath. Get discount on booking hotels and accommodation in Kedarnath.

Behl Ashram

Behl Ashram in Kedarnath Behl Ashram Hotel is a budget hotel in Kedarnath Dham with all basic facilities. Behl Ashram offers well appointed, clean rooms... Read More †

GMVN Nandi Complex (Base Camp), Kedarnath
Price:   250 Onwards

Nandi Complex Base Camp by GMVN in Kedarnath Nandi Complex Base Camp (Tents) by GMVN is one of the best budget accommodation in Kedarnath. GMVN... Read More †

GMVN Nandi Complex Pre Fabricated Huts, Kedarnath
Price:   750 Onwards

Nandi Complex - Pre Fabricated Huts by GMVN in Kedarnath Nandi Complex (Pre Fabricated Huts) by GMVN is one of the best place to stay... Read More †

GMVN Rudra Meditation Cave, Kedarnath
Price:   990 Onwards

Rudra Meditation Cave by GMVN in Kedarnath Rudra Meditation Cave by GMVN is a stone meditation cave for meditation enthusiasts in Kedarnath. The GMVN Rudra... Read More †

GMVN Swargarohini Cottages, Kedarnath
Price:   750 Onwards

Swarg Rohini Cottages by GMVN in Kedarnath Swargarohini Cottages by GMVN is one of the best deluxe accommodations constructed by NIM. The GMVN Swarg Rohini... Read More †

Hotel Bikaner House
Price:   1300 Onwards

Hotel Bikaner House (Kedarnath) Bikaner House Hotel is a budget accommodation hotel offering the basic facilities for a comfortable stay at affordable prices. The hotel... Read More †

Hotel Aggarwal House
Price:   800 Onwards

Hotel Aggarwal House (Kedarnath) Hotel Aggarwal House is a budget hotel located at the holy town of Kedarnath in Uttarakhand. The hotel is a good... Read More †

New Himachal House Hotel Kedarnath
Price:   1000 Onwards

New Himachal House (Kedarnath) New Himachal House is a semi-deluxe hotel offering 2 star facilities and located at the picturesque holy town of Kedarnath in... Read More †

GMVN Kedar Dome Cottages, Kedarnath
Price:   250 Onwards

Kedar Dome Cottages by GMVN in Kedarnath Kedar Dome Cottages by GMVN is one of the few accommodations constructed by NIM after 2013 flash flood.... Read More †

Hotel Bhopal Bhawan
Price:   1000 Onwards

Hotel Bhopal Bhawan (Kedarnath) Bhopal Bhawan is a budget hotel situated near the famous hindu pilgrimage Kedarnath temple in Kedarnath town of Uttarakhand. The hotel... Read More †

Hotel Marwad House
Price:   800 Onwards

Hotel Marwad House (Kedarnath) Marwad House is a budget hotel offering premium services and located near the Kedarnath temple in holy town of Kedarnath in... Read More †

Hotel Jaipur House
Price:   2600 Onwards

Hotel Jaipur House (Kedarnath) Jaipur House is a budget hotel located near the famous Kedarnath pilgrimage in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The hotel provides all... Read More †

GMVN Camps/ Tents in Kedarnath
Price:   250 Onwards

Kedarnath has number of GMVN camps comprising tents and pre fabricated huts for day and night stay for pilgrims. These camps are manage by GMVN... Read More †

GMVN Gaurikund Tourist Rest House
Price:   600 Onwards

GMVN Gaurikund TRH is a government budget hotel located at the holy town of Gaurikund in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The guest house offers comfortable... Read More †

Hotel Punjab Sindh Awas
Price:   800 Onwards

Punjab Sindh Awas is a budget category hotel located at the beautiful Kedarnath town in close proximity to the famous pilgrimage Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand.... Read More †

Why Sacred Yatra for Kedarnath Hotels Booking?

  • Wide choices of Kedarnath hotels and resorts
  • Lowest rates and exclusive discounts on Kedarnath Hotels
  • GMVN Guest House and Bungalows (Uttarakhand Govt Tourism)
  • Kedarnath Hotel Listing and Packages from various travel agents and tour operators
  • Kedarnath Budget (Cheap) hotels, lodges, camps also listed in Sacred Yatra
  • Luxury Hotels and Resorts offers on Kedarnath Route

FAQ’s for Hotels in Kedarnath

Is good accommodation available near the Kedarnath Temple?

Many hotels & resorts, lodges and ashrams are available in Kedarnath, Gaurikund, Phata, Guptkashi at decent prices. Even you can also stay in GMVN Tents & camps. You can choose a hotel according to your budget and enjoy a pleasant stay.

What kind of hospitality services is available at the hotels in Kedarnath?

All the basic amenities are offered by a hotel/resort in Kedarnath. The necessary facilities like water hot or cold as per demand, attached bathroom, dining area, single/double bedroom and much more are provided by the hotels. Special care of the hygiene and cleanliness is also taken.

Which are the best hotels enroute to Kedarnath?

There are important destinations like Gaurikund, Sonprayag that lie enroute to Kedarnath. Gaurikund is the base camp for the Kedarnath trek. Many people opt to stay in Gaurikund. These places are much developed and offer good stay facilities & services. Some of the best places to stay near Kedarnath are-Bhawani Tourist Complex, GMVN Gaurikund Tourist Rest House, Shivalik Valley Resort (near Sonprayag), JPG Palace (near Sonprayag).

Where will I get better hotels, Gaurikund or Sonprayag?

While visiting Kedarnath it is better to stay in Sonprayag. One can find better hotels, stay facilities in Sonprayag.

At what price can I get a good hotel room in Kedarnath?

A wide range of hotels can be found in Kedarnath and places that lie enroute to Kedarnath. From moderate price to high price, one can choose a hotel according to their budget and requirements. At a budget hotel in Kedarnath, you can get a room at a price starting from ₹400. At a deluxe/ luxury hotel it will cost around ₹2000.

What are the different types of hotels available in Kedarnath?

Different kinds of stay facilities like hotel, resort, camp etc are accessible in Kedarnath. A budget hotel to luxury hotels all variety of accommodation can be found. For the pilgrims who are on tight budget can plan to stay in GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) camps/tents in Kedarnath.

How to book an accommodation in Kedarnath? Can i book a hotel in advance? Is the option of advance booking available for hotels in Kedarnath?

It is hard to get a hotel in Kedarnath during peak season. As booking starts in advance and almost all the best accommodation are already occupied. So, it’s better to plan your trip in advance and book a hotel. You can book the hotel online yourself or contact travel companies or chardham travel agents.

Are good hotels for old age people available in Kedarnath?

Kedarnath Dham is a spiritual journey which is undertaken by everyone whether young or old. Comfortable place to stay is what we all look for when travelling with old age people. There are budget hotels like Hotel Vishnu Palace, Kedar Valley Resort, Kedar Camp Resort etc that offer all the basic amenities and plus luxury hotels & resorts like Shivalik Valley Resort, Adhvanta Resort, Himalayan Homestay and many more.

Are GMVN stay facilities available in Kedarnath? How are the GMVN accommodation facilities in Kedarnath?

For the day and night stay of the pilgrims, GMVN manages camps and pre fabricated huts. The camps are situated near the Kedarnath helipad and are available at a very low price. More than 500 pilgrims can accommodate in these camps. All the camps are clean, has bathroom/toilets facility, food facility and good quality bed & warm blanket. Various GMVN camps/tents in Kedarnath Dham are – Swaraga Rohini Camp, Nandi Complex (Pre fabricated huts) and Nandi Complex Tents (Kedarnath Base Camp).

What are the best budget hotels in Kedarnath? Which hotel offers best facilities in Kedarnath?

Some of the best budgets hotels in Kedarnath that are known for offering auspicious services at a very fair price are Yatra Hill Resort, Himalayan Comforts, Alpine camp, Hotel Gauri & Restaurant, Ghughuti Resort.

Suggest a good family hotel in Kedarnath?

Apart from being a pilgrimage site, Kedarnath is a place where one can enjoy quality time with their family amidst tranquil natural beauty. Some of the family friendly places to stay in Kedarnath are- Shivalik Valley Resort (Sitapur), Kedar Camps (Guptkashi), Adhvanta Resort, GMVN Cottages, GMVN TRH (Guptkashi).

What type of food is offered by the hotels in Kedarnath?

Various local Indian cuisines are offered at the hotels in Kedarnath. Only pure vegetarian food is available.

How many people can be accommodated in hotels in Kedarnath?

Though there are many accommodations nearby and in Kedarnath but during yatra season it gets difficult to get a room or proper stay facilities. More than thousands of pilgrim travel to Kedarnath during the peak season. Even the GMVN camps which can accommodate 500 pilgrims are almost full. So, it is better that pilgrims plan and in advance make all the stay arrangements in Kedarnath. Don’t wait for the last moment. You can contact the Chardham travel agents as they are familiar and know the best stay options in Kedarnath.

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