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Badrinath Hotels

Hotels in Badrinath

If you are looking for cheap hotels, are on a budget hotels in Badrinath or want to spend your holiday in style, we have the right accommodation to serve your needs in Badrinath. Enjoy the benefits of wonderful accommodation in Badrinath with a blend of charm and delight, you can choose to stay at any of the Badrinath hotels. Being a popular tourist destination, it experiences high inflow of travellers. There are various types of hotels in Badrinath that you can choose from.

You can also find GMVN Guest houses, Dharamshala and Ashrams in Badrinath. Most of the hotels are located within easy reach to the main city center and are easily accessible. Most of the excursions are also nearby the main temple of Badrinath. They are most perfectly suited for tourists who wish to have a comfortable stay along with warm hospitality without spending heavy sums of money.

Many Travellers (pilgrims) also stay at hotels located between Rudraprayag and Badrinath: Rudraprayag (Hotels in Rudraprayag), Karnaprayag (Hotels in Karnaprayag), Nandprayag (Nandprayag Hotels), Chamoli (Hotels in Chamoli), Gopeshwar (Hotels in Gopeshwar), Pipalkoti (Hotels in Pipalkoti), Joshimath (Hotels in Joshimath), Govindghat (Hotels in Govindghat).

Note: It would be better to book you Badrinath accommodation in advance, generally for May-June and July.

Looking For The Best Hotels Nearby Badrinath Dham?

We are here to help you find the best hotels & resorts nearby Badrinath as we have sorted best hotels nearby Badrinath as per the destination.

Hotels in Rudraprayag

  • Hotel Mandakini
  • Shivalik Valley Resort
  • Hotel Tulsi
  • Hotel Balbir Palace
  • Hotel Narayana N Invitation
  • Shangrila Resort
  • Sheetal Resort
  • Pinaki Resort
  • Hotel Jwalpa Palace
  • GMVN Rudraprayag Tourist Bungalow
  • Monal Resort
  • Shangrila Resorts
  • The Kailash Residency

Hotels in Karnaprayag

  • Kedar’s Dev Hotel
  • Shri Krishna Hotel
  • Hotel Rieverview
  • GMVN Karnaprayag Tourist Rest House

Nandprayag Hotels

  • JMVN Nandaprayag Tourist Guest House
  • Ashwamegh Lodge
  • Regal Restaurant and Hotel

Hotels in Chamoli

  • Hotel Heaven

Hotels in Gopeshwar

  • Govt/KMVN/GMVN Hotels, Resorts in Gopeshwar
  • Srishti Lodge
  • Peaches and Pears B&B Homestay

Hotels in Pipalkoti

  • Hotel Heritage Inn, Pipalkoti
  • GMVN Pipalkoti Tourist Bungalow
  • Hotel Le Meadows
  • New Hotel Shivlok
  • Hotel Uday Palace
  • Hotel Badrinath, Pipalkoti

Hotels in Joshimath

  • Joshimath Char Dham Camp
  • GMVN Joshimath New Tourist Rest House (TRH)
  • Kamet Hotel Joshimath
  • GMVN Joshimath Tourist Bungalow
  • Snow Crest Hotel
  • Nature Inn Hotel
  • Hotel Mount View
  • Nanda Inn Cottage
  • Himalayan Abode
  • Hotel Dronagiri

Hotels in Govindghat

  • Bhagat, Govindghat
  • Badrish
  • Hotel Grand Shiva
  • Bharat Guesthouse

Best Hotels in Badrinath

In the table below, the best budget Badrinath hotels are listed and segregated according to different price ranges. So, you can choose & book a hotel according to the price range that suits you and enjoy the delightful environs of Badrinath.

  • Hotel Under ₹500-₹1000
  • GMVN Badrinath Tourist Rest House
  • GMVN Tourist Bungalow Devlok Badrinath
  • Hotel Patliputra
  • Jagirdar Guest House
  • SS International
  • Hotel Under ₹1000-₹2000
  • Hotel Dwarikesh
  • Bhajan Ashram
  • GMVN Badrinath Tourist Bungalow Devlok
  • Hotel Under ₹2000 & above
  • New Hotel Snow Crest
  • Hotel Narayan Palace
  • Hotel Sarovar Portico
  • Badri Villa Resort
  • Narayan Palace
  • Badri Retreat

Following is the list of hotels in Badrinath. Get discount on booking hotels and accommodation in Badrinath.

Om Radhe Hotel & Restaurant, Badrinath

Radhe Hotel & Restaurant in Badrinath, ideally situated near the Bus Stand. Our budget-friendly hotel offers 23 meticulously maintained rooms, each equipped with contemporary amenities... Read More †

Hotel Yoga,Badrinath

Hotel Yoga epitomizes sophistication and opulence in every aspect. Its grand facade, refined interiors, lavish decor, and attentive hospitality collectively create an ambiance of utmost... Read More †

Hotel Panchvati Inn, Badrinath

Hotel Panchvati Inn Badrinath, nestled amidst the pristine beauty of this sacred town, emerges as a top choice for discerning travelers seeking a comfortable and... Read More †

Hotel Bhagat, Govindghat

Hotel Bhagat presents an excellent option for travelers seeking economical accommodation in Govindghat near Badrinath. Distinguished as one of the top-recommended hotels in Govindghat, it... Read More †

New Hotel Snow Crest Badrinath
Price:   4500 Onwards

New Hotel Snow Crest is a premium deluxe hotel from Snow Crest Hotels, offering 3 star facilities, situated near the famous Badrinath Dham in picturesque... Read More †

GMVN Yatri Niwas Badrinath
Price:   100 Onwards

GMVN Yatri Niwas Badrinath is a budget government accommodation located at the picturesque holy town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The hotel offers only basic facilities... Read More †

GMVN Badrinath Tourist Rest House
Price:   600 Onwards

GMVN Badrinath Tourist Rest House is a budget hotel located at the religious town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The hotel is surrounded with the natural... Read More †

GMVN Tourist Bungalow Devlok Badrinath
Price:   660 Onwards

GMVN Tourist Bungalow Devlok at Badrinath is a budget hotel by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) at holy town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The hotel... Read More †

Jagirdar Guest House Badrinath
Price:   1050 Onwards

Jagirdar Guest House is a budget deluxe hotel located in the picturesque pilgrim town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The hotel is situated not much far... Read More †

Hotel Narayan Palace Badrinath
Price:   3500 Onwards

Narayan Palace is a 3 star deluxe hotel located in the picturesque religious town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The hotel is surrounded by the snow-claded... Read More †

Hotel Sarovar Portico Badrinath
Price:   5225 Onwards

Sarovar Portico - Badrinath is a premium luxury hotel offering 4 star facilities and situated amidst snow-capped Himalayas in the holy Badrinath town in Uttarakhand.... Read More †

Hotel Patliputra Badrinath
Price:   900 Onwards

Hotel Patliputra is a 2 star deluxe hotel located near the bus stand of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The hotel located at the one of the... Read More †

Hotel Dwarikesh, Badrinath
Price:   2655 Onwards

Hotel Dwarikesh is a premium deluxe hotel situated at the picturesque religious town of Badrinath, one of the site of famous Char Dham in Uttarakhand.... Read More †

Why Sacred Yatra for Badrinath Hotels Booking?

  • Wide choices of Badrinath hotels and resorts
  • Lowest rates and exclusive discounts on Badrinath Hotels
  • GMVN Guest House and Bungalows (Uttarakhand Govt Tourism)
  • Badrinath Hotel Listing and Packages from various travel agents and tour operators
  • Badrinath Budget (Cheap) hotels, lodges, camps also listed in Sacred Yatra
  • Luxury Hotels and Resorts offers on Badrinath Route

FAQ’s on Hotels in Badrinath

What kind of stay options is available in Badrinath? Are good accommodations available in Badrinath?

Every sort of hotels from economical to luxury is available in Badrinath.  Various stay option in Badrinath are Dharamshalas, asharams, semi-luxury hotels, luxury hotels, GMVN Guesthouses and resorts.

What is the price range of hotels in Badrinath?

Different range of hotels is present in Badrinath. One can choose a hotel according to their budget. For economical stay, you can get a hotel room at a price starting from ₹600. Room in luxury/deluxe hotel will cost you around ₹2000.

Where can I find good budget hotels in Badrinath?

There are various types of hotels in Badrinath. Most of the hotels are located within the main city and are easily reachable. At all the prime destinations that lie  en route to Badrinath (like Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandprayag, Gopeshwar, Pipalkoti, Govindghat & Joshimath) you can find a great budget hotel & GMVN/KMVN accommodations. Even in Badrinath also well-developed hotels are available.

Are GMVN stay facilities available in Badrinath? Where can I get GMVN hotels resorts in Badrinath?

Various GMVN stay facilities in Badrinath are available. These GMVN hotels/ Tourist Rest houses offer all the basic room amenities and comfortable accommodation. One can find GMVN hotels & resorts in Badrinath, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandprayag, Pipalkoti, Gopeshwar, and Joshimath.

Are good low cost hotels available in Badrinath?

: Many economical hotels in Badrinath like GMVN Badrinath Tourist Rest House, GMVN Tourist Bungalow, Devlok Badrinath, Hotel Patliputra, Jagirdar Guest House, GMVN Yatri Niwas, SS International are available.

What all facilities are offered by hotels in Badrinath?

Hotels in Badrinath are equipped with all the necessary facilities like comfortable beds, hot & cold water supply, clean bathrooms, room cleaning service, laundry service and food. For a luxurious stay you can book a deluxe hotel.

Should I book a hotel in advance when visiting Bardrinath Dham?

While many stay options in Badrinath is present, for your convenience its better if you book a hotel in advance in Badrinath. During the peak season (May-June and September-October) all the best hotels are already booked and it becomes difficult to get a good room. So, choose a hotel in advance and book accordingly.

How to get a good hotel in Badrinath?

Distinct kinds of accommodation in Badrinath are accessible. You can look for a hotel online or contact Chardham travel agents. It’s better if you book the Badrinath hotel/resorts in advance to avoid any last moment trouble.

Which is the best hotel enroute to Badrinath? Which are the best economical hotels near Badrinath Dham? What are the best options to stay in Badrinath?

Best accommodation near Badrinath where you can enjoy comfortable stay are-Hotel Mandakini Rudraprayag, GMVN Rudraprayag Tourist Bungalow, Shri Krishna Hotel Karnaprayag, GMVN Karnaprayag Tourist Rest House, GMVN Nandaprayag Tourist Guest House, New Hotel Shivlok Pipalkoti, Hotel Uday Palace Pipalkoti, Hotel Badrinath Pipalkoti, GMVN Joshimath New Tourist Rest House (TRH), GMVN Joshimath Tourist Bungalow and Snow Crest Hotel Joshimath, Hotel Bhagat Govindghat and Badri Hotel Govindghat.

What are the best options to stay in Badrinath?

Some of the best options to stay in Badrinath are New Hotel Snow Crest, Badri Villa Resort, Hotel Sarovar Portico, Hotel Dwarikesh, Hotel Patliputra, SS International, GMVN Badrinath Tourist Rest House and Bhajan Ashram.

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