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Char Dham Hotels and Accommodations

In Char Dham route you will find many Ashrams and Dharamshalas which provides cheap accommodation to pilgrims. There are also many private hotels and restaurants although most of them have only basic facilities and amenities. There few hotels in each destination during Char Dham Yatra, which offers luxury accommodation with quality service.

Please note: The hotels in CharDham circut are strictly vegetarian, and as all the places are at extreme location so you will get basic food items only. Do not expect a very high class cuisine system or express standards of service or hygiene.

Badrinath Hotels

Kedarnath Hotels

Note: The 4 Dham of Uttarakhand get crowded during the peak season, so pilgrims are suggested to book their accommodation in advance to enjoy the hassle free journey. The hotels are fairly empty in Sept-Oct and you can get good discounts as well.

Char Dham Weather

Due to high altitude location, the Chardhams get covered with thick layers of snow in winter season. The temples get closed during this time of the year. The deities are transferred to nearby villages where prayers continue. You can check here for Chardham Opening & Closing Dates and Check the detailed information about Char Dham weather report.

Following is the list of hotels and resorts in Char Dham Circuit, which can be booked online during CharDham 2024 yatra.

Casa Himalaya, Auli

Casa Himalaya is a luxury ski resort in the picturesque town of Auli, Uttarakhand. Located at an altitude of 2,960 meters, Casa Himalaya offers guests... Read More †

Samrat Resort, Rudraprayag

Samrat Resort is a 3-star resort located on the Badrinath Highway near Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. It is the perfect place to stay for pilgrims and tourists... Read More †

Om Radhe Hotel & Restaurant, Badrinath

Radhe Hotel & Restaurant in Badrinath, ideally situated near the Bus Stand. Our budget-friendly hotel offers 23 meticulously maintained rooms, each equipped with contemporary amenities... Read More †

Hotel Yoga,Badrinath

Hotel Yoga epitomizes sophistication and opulence in every aspect. Its grand facade, refined interiors, lavish decor, and attentive hospitality collectively create an ambiance of utmost... Read More †

Hotel Panchvati Inn, Badrinath

Hotel Panchvati Inn Badrinath, nestled amidst the pristine beauty of this sacred town, emerges as a top choice for discerning travelers seeking a comfortable and... Read More †

Hotel Bhagat, Govindghat

Hotel Bhagat presents an excellent option for travelers seeking economical accommodation in Govindghat near Badrinath. Distinguished as one of the top-recommended hotels in Govindghat, it... Read More †

Behl Ashram

Behl Ashram in Kedarnath Behl Ashram Hotel is a budget hotel in Kedarnath Dham with all basic facilities. Behl Ashram offers well appointed, clean rooms... Read More †

GMVN Nandi Complex (Base Camp), Kedarnath
Price:   250 Onwards

Nandi Complex Base Camp by GMVN in Kedarnath Nandi Complex Base Camp (Tents) by GMVN is one of the best budget accommodation in Kedarnath. GMVN... Read More †

GMVN Nandi Complex Pre Fabricated Huts, Kedarnath
Price:   750 Onwards

Nandi Complex - Pre Fabricated Huts by GMVN in Kedarnath Nandi Complex (Pre Fabricated Huts) by GMVN is one of the best place to stay... Read More †

GMVN Rudra Meditation Cave, Kedarnath
Price:   990 Onwards

Rudra Meditation Cave by GMVN in Kedarnath Rudra Meditation Cave by GMVN is a stone meditation cave for meditation enthusiasts in Kedarnath. The GMVN Rudra... Read More †

GMVN Swargarohini Cottages, Kedarnath
Price:   750 Onwards

Swarg Rohini Cottages by GMVN in Kedarnath Swargarohini Cottages by GMVN is one of the best deluxe accommodations constructed by NIM. The GMVN Swarg Rohini... Read More †

Hotel Bikaner House
Price:   1300 Onwards

Hotel Bikaner House (Kedarnath) Bikaner House Hotel is a budget accommodation hotel offering the basic facilities for a comfortable stay at affordable prices. The hotel... Read More †

Hotel Aggarwal House
Price:   800 Onwards

Hotel Aggarwal House (Kedarnath) Hotel Aggarwal House is a budget hotel located at the holy town of Kedarnath in Uttarakhand. The hotel is a good... Read More †

New Himachal House Hotel Kedarnath
Price:   1000 Onwards

New Himachal House (Kedarnath) New Himachal House is a semi-deluxe hotel offering 2 star facilities and located at the picturesque holy town of Kedarnath in... Read More †

Hotel Shiva Barkot
Price:   2500 Onwards

Hotel Shiva is a budget hotel on the way to Yamunotri and Gangotri at Sarukhet in Barkot in Uttarakhand. The hotel is situated amidst the... Read More †

GMVN Kedar Dome Cottages, Kedarnath
Price:   250 Onwards

Kedar Dome Cottages by GMVN in Kedarnath Kedar Dome Cottages by GMVN is one of the few accommodations constructed by NIM after 2013 flash flood.... Read More †

Hotel Bhopal Bhawan
Price:   1000 Onwards

Hotel Bhopal Bhawan (Kedarnath) Bhopal Bhawan is a budget hotel situated near the famous hindu pilgrimage Kedarnath temple in Kedarnath town of Uttarakhand. The hotel... Read More †

Hotel Marwad House
Price:   800 Onwards

Hotel Marwad House (Kedarnath) Marwad House is a budget hotel offering premium services and located near the Kedarnath temple in holy town of Kedarnath in... Read More †

Hotel Jaipur House
Price:   2600 Onwards

Hotel Jaipur House (Kedarnath) Jaipur House is a budget hotel located near the famous Kedarnath pilgrimage in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The hotel provides all... Read More †

GMVN Camps/ Tents in Kedarnath
Price:   250 Onwards

Kedarnath has number of GMVN camps comprising tents and pre fabricated huts for day and night stay for pilgrims. These camps are manage by GMVN... Read More †

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