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Hotels in Gangotri

If you are looking for cheap hotels, are on a budget hotels in Gangotri or want to spend your holiday in style, we have the right accommodation to serve your needs in Gangotri. Enjoy the benefits of wonderful accommodation in Gangotri with a blend of charm and delight, you can choose to stay at any of the Gangotri hotels. Being a popular tourist destination, it experiences high inflow of travellers. There are various types of hotels in Gangotri that you can choose from.

You can also find Guest houses, Dharamshala and Ashrams in Gangotri. Most of the hotels are located within easy reach to the main shrine area center and are easily accessible. Most of the excursions are also nearby the main temple of Gangotri. They are most perfectly suited for tourists who wish to have a comfortable stay along with warm hospitality without spending heavy sums of money.

Many Travellers (pilgrims) also stay at hotels located between Uttarkashi and Gangotri: Harsil (Hotels in Harsil), Bhaironghati, Lanka, Dharali, Gangnani, Uttarkashi (Uttarkashi Hotels).

Note: It would be better to book you Gangotri accommodation in advance, generally for May-June and July 2019.

Following is the list of hotels in Gangotri. Get discount on booking hotels and accommodation in Gangotri.

GMVN Gangotri Tourist Rest House
1 Star
Hotel Type:   Budget
Price:   700 Onwards

GMVN Gangotri Tourist Rest House is a government budget hotel located on the main Gangotri road at holy town of Gangotri near the famous Gangotri... Read More †

Ganga Niketan Hotel Gangotri
1 Star
Hotel Type:   Budget
Price:   300 Onwards

Ganga Niketan Hotel is one of the best budget hotel located near the Gangotri temple at the holy picturesque town of Gangotri in Uttarakhand. The... Read More †

Hotel Bhagirathi Sadan
1 Star
Hotel Type:   Budget
Price:   600 Onwards

Hotel Bhagirathi Sadan is a budget hotel located very close to Gangotri temple and Bhagirathi river at picturesque and pilgrimage town of Gangotri in Uttarkashi... Read More †

GMVN Gangotri TL
1 Star
Hotel Type:   Budget

GMVN Gangotri TL is a budget accommodation located near the famous Hindu pilgrimage Gangotri temple in Uttarakhand. The lodge serves as a preferred budget accommodation... Read More †

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Gangotri : Gangotri Temple : Gangotri Weather : Gangotri How To Reach : Gangotri Pictures : Gangotri Important Dates : Gangotri News If you are planning to visit Gangotri during 2019, then you check the following pages for best deals. Gangotri Tour Packages :: Gangotri Hotels :: Harsil Hotels :: Uttarkashi Hotels

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