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Hotels in Yamunotri

There are not much accommodation options available in Yamunotri. Many pilgrims prefer to stay in different areas located between Dehradun and Yamunotri. If you are looking for cheap hotels, are on a budget hotels while visiting Yamunotri then you can check the following links which will lead to the nearby places to Yamunotri.

You can also find Guest houses, Dharamshala and Ashrams on Yamunotri highway. They are most perfectly suited for tourists who wish to have a comfortable stay along with warm hospitality without spending heavy sums of money.

Travellers (pilgrims) mostly stay at hotels located between Dehradun and Yamunotri : Dehradun (Dehradun Hotels), Barkot (Hotels in Barkot), Sayana Chatti (Hotels in Sayanachatti), HanumanChatti (Hotels in Hunuman Chatti), Janki Chatti (Hotels in JanakiChatti).

Note: It would be better to book you Yamunotri accommodation in advance, generally for May-June and July 2018.

Following is the list of hotels in Yamunotri. Get discount on booking hotels and accommodation in Yamunotri.

Durga Resort
2 Star
Hotel Type:   Deluxe
Price:   2400 Onwards

Durga Resort, Syanachatti (Yamunotri) [gallery columns="4" ids="5312,5313,5314,5315"] Durga Resort offers deluxe accommodation for Yamunotri pilgrims in Syanachatti on the way to Yamunotri Dham. The resort... more »

Yamunotri Cottages
2 Star
Hotel Type:   Deluxe
Price:   3490 Onwards

Yamunotri Cottages, Janki Chatti (near Yamunotri) [gallery columns="4" ids="2044,2045,2046,2047"] Yamunotri Cottages offer luxurious accommodation in Janki chatti. It is one of the best place to... more »

Camp Nirvana Yamunotri
2 Star
Hotel Type:   Camps
Price:   1000 Onwards

Camp Nirvana Yamunotri (Gangani, Barkot) Camp Nirvana Yamunotri is Ideally situated on the seashore of Holy Yamuna River. Camp Nirvana is a type two star... more »

Yamunotri River Banks Resort
2 Star
Hotel Type:   Deluxe
Price:   4600 Onwards

Yamunotri River Banks Resort (Barkot) Yamunotri River Banks Resort is one Star Resort located in Barkot on the seashore of Yamuna River. The Resort with... more »

GMVN Yamunotri Tourist Rest House
1 Star
Hotel Type:   Budget
Price:   Rs 150 Onwards

GMVN Tourist Rest House (Yamunotri) GMVN Yamunotri TRH is a budget accommodation property located at the holy town of Yamunotri in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.... more »

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Yamunotri : Yamunotri Temple : Yamunotri Weather : Yamunotri How To Reach : Yamunotri Pictures : Yamunotri Important Dates : Yamunotri News If you are planning to visit Yamunotri during 2018, then you check the following pages for best deals. Yamunotri Tour Packages :: Yamunotri Hotels :: Barkot Hotels

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  • Wide choices of Yamunotri hotels and resorts
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  • GMVN Guest House and Bungalows (Uttarakhand Govt Tourism)
  • Yamunotri Hotel Listing and Packages from various travel agents and tour operators
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  • Luxury Hotels and Resorts offers on Yamunotri Route

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