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“Char Dham Yatra” the spiritual journey takes one to the peaceful and enchanting Dhams hidden in the Garhwal Himalayas. Char Dham (the four abodes) is a set of four prominent holy destinations- Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. All these sites are situated in the state of Uttarakhand. On the pious Yatra devotees gets to explore the highly rich culture and the divine nature attached to the roots of these four Dhams.

Why Char Dham Weather Update Is Important?

The uphill route to Char Dhams is difficult but an enchanting one. Devotees have to pass through the rugged mountain roads, rocky terrains and walk in high altitudes. Usually the roads are in good situation but get affected by fluctuating climate change. Being the shrines located at high altitude; make them prone to extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall, rains, landslides and cloudburst. So, during this time the roads become vulnerable for travelling. The temperature also shows drastic change so one must stay updated about the Char Dham weather on a regular basis.

Note– Due to high altitude location, the four Dhams get covered with thick layers of snow in winter season. The temples get closed during this time of the year. The deities are transferred to nearby villages where prayers continue. You can check here for Chardham Opening & Closing Dates and plan your Chardham Yatra.

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Char Dham Weather Guide 2024

The below information will help you understand the weather conditions of Four Dhams individually.

Kedarnath Weather

The cool and pleasant climate during summer makes the nearby surrounding of Kedarnath beautiful. It is the ideal time for temple visit, sightseeing and exploring the nearby places. Summer (May to June) shows moderate climate with average around 17°C.

Tourists should avoid visiting Kedarnath Temple in monsoon season. Common landslide during monsoon makes it difficult for devotees to travel. End of July, August and early September are the monsoon months. In Kedarnath monsoon months mid June to August witness occasional rains and the temperature drops down to 12°C.

Winters are cold with sub zero temperature. Due to heavy snowfall the Kedarnath temple remain closed. The snow covered roads get blocked. For six months (November to April) deity of Lord Shiva is brought to Omkareshwar temple in Ukhimath. In the month of May the Kedarnath temple doors open and devotees can enjoy the holy pilgrimage.

Winter Abode of Kedarnath : Omkareshwar temple, Ukhimath

Kedarnath Weather Report

About Kedarnath - Know more about Kedarnath

Badrinath Weather

The best season to visit Badrinath temple is summer months May- November. May/June is the most crowded months. Pilgrims in large number flock to pay visit during this time of the year. For a quite spiritual journey September/October is the ideal time.

It becomes difficult to travel Badrinath during monsoons as the region is prone to occasional landslides. In June to mid-September the temperature drops down to 15°C.

Badrinath temple closes for six months during winters every year. Chilly days from November to April make the average minimum temperature fall to 5°C. Minimum temperature can touch sub zero levels. The gates of Badrinath Dham closed for winters and idol of Lord Badrivishal taken to Nar Singh Temple in Joshimath.

Winter Abode of Badrinath : Narsingh Temple, Joshimath

Badrinath Weather Report

Yamunotri Weather

The gates of Yamunotri temple open during the start of summers. April-July is the summer months in Yamunotri. This is the best season to visit Yamunotri. During this time the temperature ranges from 6°C to 20°C, but the nights are very cold. So, visitors are advised to carry woolen clothes.

During monsoon season (late June to August) Yamunotri witnesses heavy shower. Routes become slippery and mudslides make it difficult to travel. Hence, pilgrims are advised to avoid travel during monsoon season.

Winter season in Yamunotri starts from November to April. During this time of the season winter gets harsh with heavy snowfall and the roads get blocked. The temple is closed during this period and Goddess Yamuna idol taken to Kharsali, near Harsil, winter seat of Yamunotri temple.

Winter Abode of Yamunotri : Kharsali

Yamunotri Weather Report

Gangotri Weather

Summer season in Gangotri starts in April and end in the month of May. During summer the weather is quite pleasant and the maximum temperature reaches around 25°C. The gates of Temple remain open during the start of summers. This is the best season for pilgrimage and sightseeing trips.

Late June to August is the monsoon month in Gangotri. The heavy rainfall and the landslides make it tough to reach the holy shrine. One must avoid traveling during monsoon season.

Winter season in Gangotri starts from November to April. The region faces heavy snowfall which makes the weather freezing cold. Pilgrims are advised not to plan Gangotri trip during this season. The temple is closed during this period and Goddess Ganga idol taken to Mukhwa village, near Harsil, winter seat of Gangotri temple.

Winter Abode of Gangotri : Mukhwa

Gangotri Weather Report

Best Time To Visit Char Dham As Per Weather

Before planning a trip to Char Dham, one needs to be aware of the Best time to visit the Chardham. It will make the trip hassle-free and safe.

  • Best time to visit Kedarnath

    The best time to visit Kedarnath temple is May, June, September and October. During these months the weather remains moderate and pleasant. Due to cold winters and heavy snowfall the temple remains closed for six months.

  • Best time to visit Badrinath

    The best time to visit Badrinath is during summers from May to June and then in September and October. Monsoon season should be avoided to pay visit to the holy temple.

  • Best time to visit Yamunotri

    The ideal time to visit the religious shrine in Yamunotri is from April to June and September to November. The temple is open from last week of April to second week of November.

  • Best time to visit Gangotri

    April to June and September to November is the best time to travel the holy city of Gangotri. Gangotri temple is open from last week of April to second week of November.

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Monthwise Chardham Weather Details

The heavy snowfall witnessed by the temples during the winter season makes them inaccessible. During rainy season heavy downpours and landslides are quite common. The roads get damaged making it a difficult trek for the devotees. Hence, a detailed understanding on the Chardham climate is a must.

The below given table will give you insight into month wise climate of Char Dham for the year 2019.

Char Dham Weather Report (Monthwise)
April Max Temperature: 25°C, Min Temperature: 5°C. The pleasant moderate cool climate makes it a good time for devotees to pay darshan.
May Max Temperature: 32°C, Min Temperature: 12°C. Best time for pilgrim and outdoor activities.
June Max Temperature: 35°C, Min Temperature: 15°C. Good time for adventure and outdoor activities.
July Max Temperature: 27°C, Min Temperature: 10°C. Warmest month but light refreshing showers take place.
August Max Temperature: 18°C, Min Temperature: 10°C. Good time to explore natural attractions but occasional rainfall may cause landslides.
September Max Temperature: 15°C, Min Temperature: 8°C. Climate is moderately cold with post- monsoon rains.
October Max Temperature: 12°C, Min Temperature: 5°C. Weather gets cold. Char Dham temple closes from this month.
November, December, January, February, March Inhospitable climate and the roads are covered with snow. Temperature often falls to sub zero.

Travel Tips for Char Dham

Listed below are some of the travel tips which one should keep in mind before travelling to Char Dham

  • The heights and bend of the roads on the trail to four dhams can make anyone sick. So, carry a first aid box and some medicines which you could need anytime.
  • The journey to Char Dham is a long one. Don’t forget to carry some dry and packaged food to keep you energized and healthy.
  • It is advisable to carry some Indian currency along with your card.
  • To avoid dehydration drink lots of water. It is advisable to drink packaged mineral water or warm water.
  • The weather during summer may get warm but the nights get cold. Do carry light woolen clothes with you.

Char Dham Weather Update

News On : December 13, 2023

Snowfall in CharDham, All peaks covered in snow

Gangotri-Yamunotri and Badrinath-Kedarnath Dham received snowfall yesterday. Gangotri Yamunotri Dham are also covered with snow. A white sheet of snow was spread in Mukhba and surrounding area in Gangotri Valley. On the other hand, Badrinath...

News On : November 10, 2022

Snowfall in Badrishpuri Fascinated Tourists

Here are some glimpse of Snowfall in Badrinath [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="13322,13323,13324,13325"] The surrounding peaks including Yamunotri Dham also received snowfall, while the lower part of the Yamuna valley continues to drizzle. Snowfall on the...

News On : September 20, 2022

Kedarnath & Yamunotri Receives First Snowfall of Season

Sapta Rishi Kund, Kalindi Parvat, Bandarpoonch, Garud Ganga top above Yamunotri Dham received snowfall in the early hours. After light snowfall, the weather has become pleasant in Dham as well. On the other hand, the...

News On : September 17, 2022

Kedarnath Yatra Stopped Temporarily Due to Heavy Rain and Weather Alert

On Friday, the passengers left for Kedarnath from Sonprayag at 5 am. Under the supervision of the administration and the police, the passengers were sent to the Dham. From 5 in the morning to 11...

News On : July 14, 2022

Automatic Weather Station Installed in Kedarnath – Pilgrims Get Weather Updates Now on Mobile

The weather system has been installed by constant contact with Professor Indrasen of IIT Kanpur. For the last two days, information about temperature, rain, humidity is being received in Kedarnath. Right now, readings of all...

News On : May 25, 2022

Chardham Yatra Restarts as Weather Ceared Today

Passengers started being sent to Kedarnath Dham from eight in the morning. 7220 pilgrims were sent from Sonprayag to Kedarnath Dham and from Gaurikund 7800. The administration is regularly monitoring the passengers at the travel...

News On : October 25, 2021

Snowfall in Kedarnath, Badrinath

The climate disturbance happened in Badrinath along with some places of Chamoli. The mountains behind Badrinath, Neelkanth and Narayan mountains and nearby ones receives snowfall after noon. The sky was overcasted in Rudraprayag, Chopta, Kedarnath,...

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