Char Dham Yatra 2018

Badrinath Opening and Closing Dates

Badrinath Opening & Closing Dates

Badrinath Opening & Closing Dates

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The Opening and Closing Date of Badrinath Temple shrine in 2018

The Badrinath temple opens every year in the month of April-May & closes for winters in the third week of November. Thus the temple is shut down for 6 months every year during which prayers to the Badri Vishal continue at the Narsimha temple in Joshimath.

Badrinath Temple will be open on 30 April, 2018 at 04:30 am.

Note: Generally, The Temple doors are closed around October- November (dates are fixed on Vijayadashmi) at the advent of winters and are opened again for worship at around last week of April (dates are decided on Basant Panchami ).

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Badrinath in Winters

Badrinath Temple is shut down for winter months every year during while prayers to the Badri Vishal ‘Utsav Murti’ continue at the Narsimha temple in Joshimath. The priests of Badrinath Temple continue to perform the rituals on the ‘Utsav Murti’ at Narasimha temple during the winter season.

Before closing the temple doors, the priests light a lamp before the idol in the sanctum. It is said that during this period of winter months, Narad Muni who had attained salvation here, continues with the prayer services. This belief is further strengthened based on the fact that when the temple is again reopened after six months in spring, the lamp is still seen to be flickering!

Badrinath Temple Opening Ceremony

Badrinath is a sacred place for Lord Vishnu devotees. Badrinath Temple gates open for pilgrims in the month of Apr-May each year. The dates of opening of kapats of Badrinath Temple announce on the occasion of Basant Panchmi. Watch Badrinath Dham opening video here and plan your trip to Badrinath Temple.
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1 month 7 days ago

Is it possible to stay during 3/11/2018 to 3/5/2019 at Badrinath at GMVN guest house.what would be the cost

Vishnu Rajendran
1 month 22 days ago

Hi, me and my frnds are planning to visit to badrinath for darshan in december month this year, is it open on that time ?

P K Shaw
2 months 18 days ago

Hii, is it safe to travel to Badrinath in June with one year old kid?

3 months 25 days ago

Hi, I will reaching to Kedarnath Ji temple on 29 April and Badrinath Ji temple on 2nd may and i done my online bio-metric registration for the same. please let me know any other registration or separate permission is required for dershan of lord kedarthnath ji?

Please confirm.

Sudipta Kundu
3 months 28 days ago

I want to perform “pindadaan” for my parents in Badrinath dham after vijayadashami. Please let me know how may be it possible and where is it performed in mandir or another place? Is there any advance booking or darshan tickets available for this purpose?

3 months 28 days ago

Pindaan would be easily done at Badrinath. No need to book in advance. Many priests would be available at Badrinath. Brahma Kapal is the place in Badrinath where Pindaan is done.

4 months 1 day ago

Please confirm the opening date of Kedarnath ji temple is 29 April 2018 is confirmed or tentative ?
Please confirm

Kuntal Vidyarthi
4 months 2 days ago

Hi, I will reaching to badrinath on 29 April.. A day before kapat Opening.
How can I book a dharamshala like ‘neelkanth sadan’…

N B Sharan
4 months 7 days ago

I plan to go Badrinath and joshimath in 1st week of June 2018. Pl let me know whether I can get Hotel between 500-1000/- on the date of arrival. What is the availability of Hotel and Dharamsala in Joshimathand Badrinath if any one goes without advance reservation of Hotel to the above two places in June 1st week.

N B Sharan
4 months 7 days ago

I saw many you tube video and discussions but I didnot find anywhere as to if any body goes to joshimath or Badrinathwithout advance booking of hotel whether he can get low cost (between 500/- to 1000/-) hotel or Dharamsala on the date of arrival?

4 months 20 days ago

I want a calm and relaxing tour. It is a pilgrimage with my elderly parents (70 years old). Kindly suggest options. I would prefer the package from Dehradun. with sightseeing in and around each place. Including taking holy bath and doing Puja/ Abhishek. Should a 2 days stay at each place be enough and then travel to the next place. Is the month of May is best for such relaxed pilgrimage ? I want to avoid standing in queues. Also no hiking. ( a few minutes walk is OK but not for hours.). Kindly suggest.

4 months 20 days ago

Hi Vinayak,
Kindly fill up the complete details at and our representative will provide you a customize package.

4 months 26 days ago

Is there registration is madetory for Kedarnath and Badrinath ji darshan and what is the last date of registration

4 months 21 days ago

Yes same vaisno Devi

4 months 28 days ago

I wish to go badrinath on 30 April 2018 from dehradun . Pl suggest me suitable transport for 3 of us . Do we need to trek to the temple if yes how much.

4 months 26 days ago
Hi Subha, Last year we travelled from Rishikesh. We took a cab and started around 7.00 clock in the morning. Visited Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag,Dhari Devi temple, Hanuman Choti and reached by 6.30pm to Badrinath. We took hotel, relaxed a while & visited temple too. So taking CAB is best. No trekking is needed. From Dehradun start little early. That would be best. I would like to share one more detail in this regard. We attended morning 4.30 Arti. We took bath in Thapta Kund and bought tickets. We were 4 of us. That Pooja was so divine. I hope if you… Read more »
4 months 27 days ago

Hi Shubha, You can hire a cab for 3 to reach Badrinath in a day from Haridwar and after darshan next day, you can get back. If running on a tight budget, then book seats on bus from Haridwar/ Rishikesh. There is no need to trek as Badrinath is well connected by road.

5 months 8 days ago


4 months 28 days ago
Upto Delhi, you must be knowing the route. From Delhi, you can travel by roadways bus or train upto Haridwar (220 KMs from Delhi) or Rishikesh (another 20 KM from Haridwar). From Rishikesh onward, there is no railway track and you will have to travel by road. Roadways Buses and private taxis are available from Rishikesh. The total distance between Delhi and Badrinath is 538 KMs. The route from Delhi will be Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut-Muzaffarpur-Haridwar-Rishikesh-Dev Prayag-Rudra Prayag-Karna Prayag-Joshi Math-Badrinath. Since the terrain beyond Rishikesh is hilly, do not expect an average speed of more than 30 KM per hour from there.
5 months 5 days ago

Hi Pranav, Please check correct road route to visit Badrinath Dham here :

6 months 2 days ago


6 months 2 days ago

Badrinath Temple will be open on 30 April, 2018 at 04:30 am.

6 months 26 days ago

hi there, I am travelling to india between 1st April to 9 may is it possible to have darshan in char dham during this time this year, as I have read all the darsh open fro akshey tirthey..pls help and suggest me

SATISH Naphade
6 months 28 days ago

Can we book the tickets in first week of May?

6 months 30 days ago

What is the best time to visit badri and kedar with a 3 year old boy?

AK Tiwari
7 months 30 days ago

On 14Apr’2018 myself with 13 Adults want a pilgrimage tour from Haridwar to Rishikesh, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath , Kedarnath n other famous religious temples nearby. Please suggest the correct route n timings of opening of temples for Darshan

7 months 27 days ago

Opening date of Badrinath Temple will be announce on 22 Jan 2018. For visiting Chardham with other religious sites, you can get best budget package deals by filling form

krishna chaks
7 months 30 days ago

I love to go during snow time as it will be fabulous to take a hot water spring in tapt kund…. is that allowed in december or January 2018

7 months 27 days ago

With prior permission from administration you can visit Badrinath hot water springs.

Akshya Singh
8 months 3 days ago

Can I go on 20 December for Badrinath Darshan

8 months 15 days ago

muje bus se jana kese jao me form delhi

4 months 21 days ago

Kshmiri gate bus terminal se garhwal

Akbar Khan
8 months 23 days ago

As you said the road is closed by 19nov and i was planning for a visit on 28th !! Is it any how possible to get a permit or any such thing???
Or any other way reaching there?
May be i can the way from ramnagar?? Is it possible?
It will be just a bike trip !
And if you can help me with some information of hama pass..
What is the documentation process needed to get the permit for hama pass ??
Please do help me 🙏🏻

9 months 3 days ago

Mughe bike se badrinath jana h 17 nov.ko kya snow jyada h,
M ja sakta hu ya nahi

9 months 3 days ago

Bilkul ja sakte ho aap abhi …

Abinash sahoo
9 months 8 days ago

Will there be snowfall in opening time of badrinath temple bcoz my mother being a asthma patient. Pls help me so accordingly I will plan.

krishna chaks
7 months 30 days ago

its good to stay in badrinath as there is no pollution but travelling upto there creates lots of tedious for old age people as i tool my mom who was old too and she was feeling very very cold in June month during nights

9 months 7 days ago

No, Badrinath temple will open in Apr-May month next year and there will be no snowfall at that time.

9 months 16 days ago

soo when are both temples open ?

9 months 16 days ago

You mean Kedarnath & Badrinath ? right … Badrinath is closeing on 19 Nov and Kedarnath has been closed now. Both the temples will be open in April month next year …

9 months 16 days ago

in december the temple is open ?

9 months 16 days ago


Sanjay Patil
9 months 17 days ago

Me and my are planning to come in January 2018.

9 months 17 days ago

Badrinath will be closed by 19th Nov.

9 months 17 days ago

Hi, I’m planning to reach haridwar on 11-11-2017 Morning & would like to visit Badrinath Temple. Is there any slots available for 1 person.

9 months 17 days ago

Hi Balaji, there are no slots type of thing on yatra. You have to register online or offline for yatra and board bus from Haridwar/ Rishikesh for Badrinath.

9 months 18 days ago

Hi I’m planning to come on 19th i.e the closing day.. can u tell me about the rush n crowd on that day how long it wud take to finish my darshan?
And I just wanted to know if I’ll get frequent buses from rishikesh to badrinath?? Cos I’ll be getting down in rishikesh..

9 months 18 days ago

Yes there are frequent buses from rishikesh to badrinath till noon only. Badrinath temple will be closed ceremoniously at 7.28 pm on November 19 and there might be crowd at that time. But you will get darshan easily.

9 months 18 days ago

can we go by car from haldwani to badrinath at 4th nov. whats about the condition of roads

9 months 18 days ago

Yes, you can go by road till Badrinath. Road conditions are ok for driving.

Divyansh sharma
9 months 20 days ago

I am coming on 17 november …. wheather is okk or snowfall

9 months 19 days ago

Light snowfall has been started now on nearby mountains of Badrinath.

9 months 22 days ago

Please confirm the closing date for Badrinath darshan, will it remain open till 12th nov 2017?

9 months 22 days ago

Yes, Badrinath temple will be closed on 19th Nov.

9 months 22 days ago

What is the closing date of badrinath temple?

9 months 25 days ago

Hi, I am thinking of bike trip to Badrinath , from Delhi on 25 october. But weather tells about Snowfall . Will roads be covered with ice ?

9 months 25 days ago

Weather is totally fine and there will be no snowfall this month. You can easily ride bike till Badrinath.

9 months 29 days ago

Hai I’m in Delhi now.
Can I have darshan of kedarnath and badrinath temple on 21 or 22nd October

9 months 28 days ago

Yes you can have..

9 months 29 days ago

I am coming by car seeing on the way to ukhimath temple then badrinath in route gopeshwar not back to routraprayg it’s safe road conditions good are bad pls tell I’m waiting for reply

9 months 28 days ago

Road conditions are good, you will enjoy the drive with beautiful views.

9 months 28 days ago

Thank you for your reply I am start rishikesh at 4.00 am on the way visit ukimath temple then started in route baniyakund, kunkuli, gopeshwar it’s possible to reach badrinath in the evening

9 months 29 days ago

Hi I am coming Nov 2 badrinath temple

10 months 1 day ago

Can we visit the temple after the closing date

9 months 28 days ago

You can visit the Dhams after closing dates, but after taking prior permission. However, you can visit the places but temple will be closed and similarly all the hotels and restaurants will be closed as well.

Gaurav Jain
10 months 10 days ago

Is badrinath to satopant route will remain open for trek on 22 of October 2017 ?

Jitendra ojha
10 months 13 days ago

Closing date of Badrinath kapat is 19th NOV 2017
Closing of kedarnath temple is 21 OCT. 2017

10 months 14 days ago

Can you tell me the closing date of Badrinath and kedarnath?

A K Bansal
10 months 15 days ago

Can we have Darshan on 19th Choti Diwali of Lord Badrinath

10 months 14 days ago


10 months 18 days ago

Does Badrinath temple will be open on 20th October .
Please reply me as soon as possible

Santosh Kumar
10 months 14 days ago


10 months 19 days ago

On oct 31st temple will open or not on that day

10 months 22 days ago

Closing date of badrinath temple

Santosh Kumar
10 months 14 days ago

19 nov..

10 months 8 days ago

Is it confirmed? Or again date will be change? Because we r planning to come on November 1,2017

10 months 22 days ago

Closing date of Badrinath Temple will be declared on Vijaydashmi.

10 months 25 days ago


Santosh Kumar
10 months 14 days ago

Yes because Badrinath Kapat will be closed 19 Nov.happy journey

10 months 24 days ago

No, The Kapaat might be closed just after Diwali. So you can make plan to visit Badrinath before Diwali.

10 months 28 days ago

Hi guys Me & my frnd planing to visit kedarnath & badrinath on 01 Oct by Bike. can u suggest me what is condition of road & weather & we have require any registration for entrance.

Jitendra Ojha
10 months 28 days ago

As per past Experience hope God will bless us with his Darshan till 20th Oct. 2017

10 months 30 days ago

Will the temple remain opened on 1st October 2017 ?

11 months 1 hour ago

Hi guys me my friends planing to visit badrinath on 29. Door will be open or not pls reply me back

10 months 30 days ago

Yes, Badrinath shrine will remain open on that day.