Char Dham Yatra 2017

Badrinath Opening and Closing Dates

Badrinath Opening & Closing Dates

Badrinath Opening & Closing Dates

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The Opening and Closing Date of Badrinath Temple shrine in 2017

The Badrinath temple opens every year in the month of April-May & closes for winters in the third week of November. Thus the temple is shut down for 6 months every year during which prayers to the Badri Vishal continue at the Narsimha temple in Joshimath.

The dates for opening date of Shri Badrinath Temple had been announced by the priests.

The Badrinath Temple was open on 06 May, 2017.

The Badrinath Temple will close on 19 Nov, 2017.

Note: Generally, The Temple doors are closed around October- November (dates are fixed on Vijayadashmi) at the advent of winters and are opened again for worship at around last week of April (dates are decided on Basant Panchami ).

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Badrinath in Winters

Badrinath Temple is shut down for winter months every year during while prayers to the Badri Vishal ‘Utsav Murti’ continue at the Narsimha temple in Joshimath. The priests of Badrinath Temple continue to perform the rituals on the ‘Utsav Murti’ at Narasimha temple during the winter season.

Before closing the temple doors, the priests light a lamp before the idol in the sanctum. It is said that during this period of winter months, Narad Muni who had attained salvation here, continues with the prayer services. This belief is further strengthened based on the fact that when the temple is again reopened after six months in spring, the lamp is still seen to be flickering!

Updated On: October 3, 2017

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Gaurav Jain
9 days 21 hours ago

Is badrinath to satopant route will remain open for trek on 22 of October 2017 ?

Jitendra ojha
13 days 1 hour ago

Closing date of Badrinath kapat is 19th NOV 2017
Closing of kedarnath temple is 21 OCT. 2017

14 days 7 hours ago

Can you tell me the closing date of Badrinath and kedarnath?

A K Bansal
15 days 11 hours ago

Can we have Darshan on 19th Choti Diwali of Lord Badrinath

14 days 20 hours ago


17 days 20 hours ago

Does Badrinath temple will be open on 20th October .
Please reply me as soon as possible

Santosh Kumar
14 days 36 minutes ago


18 days 9 hours ago

On oct 31st temple will open or not on that day

21 days 11 hours ago

Closing date of badrinath temple

Santosh Kumar
14 days 32 minutes ago

19 nov..

8 days 8 hours ago

Is it confirmed? Or again date will be change? Because we r planning to come on November 1,2017

20 days 21 hours ago

Closing date of Badrinath Temple will be declared on Vijaydashmi.

24 days 16 hours ago


Santosh Kumar
14 days 29 minutes ago

Yes because Badrinath Kapat will be closed 19 Nov.happy journey

22 days 21 hours ago

No, The Kapaat might be closed just after Diwali. So you can make plan to visit Badrinath before Diwali.

27 days 16 hours ago

Hi guys Me & my frnd planing to visit kedarnath & badrinath on 01 Oct by Bike. can u suggest me what is condition of road & weather & we have require any registration for entrance.

Jitendra Ojha
27 days 17 hours ago

As per past Experience hope God will bless us with his Darshan till 20th Oct. 2017

29 days 9 hours ago

Will the temple remain opened on 1st October 2017 ?

29 days 22 hours ago

Hi guys me my friends planing to visit badrinath on 29. Door will be open or not pls reply me back

29 days 21 hours ago

Yes, Badrinath shrine will remain open on that day.

1 month 3 days ago

We will wait visit temple at 10 th October, will the temple open that day.

1 month 2 days ago

Yes, the temple will remain open on that day.

1 month 3 days ago

we will visit temple on 2 oct 2017, it will open or not on that day

1 month 3 days ago

Yes, it will remain open on that day.

1 month 8 days ago

Badrinath route is open or closed we are 4 person come from Delhi on our bikes

1 month 6 days ago

It is open now.

S.a.narayana prasad
1 month 14 days ago

Nwheow are there rains in Badarinath ? That is 3rd sep.17 – when does the season close in 2017 ?

1 month 13 days ago

The rain is still pouring down. Lets see what happens next 3-4 days.

Rajib Banerjee
1 month 14 days ago

Hi,I am rajib ,oct 12th badrinath jayenge,temperature or whether or road condition,please suggestion

1 month 13 days ago

Hi Rajib, most probably you will get nice road and weather in October at Badrinath.

Shreesha Bhat
1 month 15 days ago

Is badrinath temple open till October 10

1 month 13 days ago


C K Agasti
1 month 16 days ago

When the badrinath temple close

1 month 15 days ago

The Temple doors are closed around October (dates are fixed on Vijayadashmi)

dipen javia
1 month 17 days ago

is there snowing before diwali???
are roads ever closed due to snowing before diwali???

1 month 16 days ago

No, there will be only 0.1% chances of snow before Diwali. If snow happens, then also it will very less, just 1-2 inches and will melt soon. So there will be no road closed before Diwali. You can do yatra safely.

1 month 19 days ago

Hi is there any registrations for entrance of temple

1 month 18 days ago


dipen javia
1 month 21 days ago

do the temples of kedarnath and badrinath ,always remain open till diwali?
does it ever snow before diwali?
does it rain around diwali?

1 month 19 days ago

Yes both Kedarnath and Badrinath Dham are opened till Diwali period and yes it starts snowing during the month of November.

Rainfall during Diwali is subject to weather.

A.Raja Rao
2 months 13 days ago

Badrinath opening date pllz reply

2 months 12 days ago

Hi, The gates of Badrinath Temple has been already open on 06 May 2017.

2 months 13 days ago

Badrinath mandir kab close hoga last date btaoo plzz

2 months 12 days ago

The closing date of Badrinath Temple will be announced on Vijaydashmi by priest.

2 months 12 days ago

as we can see vijaydashmi is on 30th september so will i able to attend temple on 1st octomber

2 months 8 days ago

Yes, you can visit the Badrinath temple on 1st October.

2 months 13 days ago

Hello i am sanjay main november main open rahega mandir plzz btaooo

1 month 19 days ago

It will be closed in November

2 months 14 days ago

We want to go Yamnotari temple in august is the temple is open & hoe many place to visit in 15August i want visit from delhi

2 months 14 days ago

Hi Isha, Yamunotri temple will remain open till its closing in October.

2 months 24 days ago

Hello team, thank you so much for the below all valuable comments.

I want to know did badrinath will keep open in next month that is August 15 – August25 2017????

2 months 21 days ago

Yes it will remain open.

Goutam roy chowdhury
4 months 5 days ago

Will badrinath temple be open till 29th october 2017. Can you kindly confim me with the closing date of the temple, accordingly i shall make the plan.

4 months 7 days ago

Wii the badrinath temple be open till Oct 31,2017

1 month 19 days ago

It will be closed after Diwali .

4 months 16 days ago

Will badhrinath be open in july we are planning to vist it

Siddharth Shankar
4 months 20 days ago

Want to travel Badrinath and Kedarnath with my parents. But having inly 2 days in my hand. Can you suggest me best plan?

4 months 26 days ago

Some news is paper road is closed for badrinath affinity for 15 days. Guide us our program date is 31 mayr

Ankana Choudhury
4 months 29 days ago

will the main temple of Badrinath be open on 4th October 2017? We are planning to visit at that time. Will that be possible?

5 months 21 days ago

Tell me when bramhakapalam will opening date?

5 months 13 days ago

Same day on 6th May 2017

manjunatha sharma
5 months 21 days ago

i am planing to visit kedarnath & badrinath in 2nd week of ma with my family (2adan you suggest ults+ 2 Children) will be arriving to dedhradun ,can you suggest we should hire a cab from there directly for 4 to 5 days,also can you suggest good travels
5 months 25 days ago

Actual opening gate of Badrinath is 28th Apr or 06 May 2017. I am getting dual information on net please clarify.

sK Garg
6 months 12 days ago

Jai Shree Ram
I want to visit Shree Badri Nath Dham in the last week of May 2017. Pl tell me best place to stay at Badrinath. Our programme is for 15 days.
SKGARG, Chandigarh

6 months 11 days ago

Hi Mr Garg, Our representative will mail/ contact you the details soon.

6 months 17 days ago

Hi, I want to drive from Rishikesh to Badrinath on 2nd week of May17 from my own can Hyundai Grand i10. Is the road condition OK for this car???
Kindly revert as I have lots of confusion in my Mind.

6 months 10 days ago

Dnt worry if u r expert in drive dnt take tsns

6 months 17 days ago

Badrinath road is totally fine and smooth.

Abhijit deb
5 months 24 days ago

I want to know -what is the total cost of travelling from hardowar to badrinath

Bharti Verma
6 months 22 days ago

Sir, When doors will be opened in Aprils last week , what is the date for April 2017
5 months 25 days ago

What is exact date of opening Badrinath please confirm

amit mishra
6 months 1 day ago

I would like to come around 19 april 2017 that is the right time or not???

6 months 24 days ago

We want to drive to Badrinath in our own car(MarutiCelerio) in May’2017. Is the road ok to drive on our own. We have heard a lot of negative comments on the road from some of those who have gone over there, thats why want to know it better

Rakesh Nainwal
6 months 13 days ago

Road is absolutely fine. and I often drive to Badrinath by My Tata Nano.

6 months 13 days ago


6 months 24 days ago

Hi Sunil, The road condition on chardham yatra is good to drive. Earlier during monsoon (mid June-July end) the traffic hinder due to lanslides. But now the administration made many preparation for easy traffic even during monsoon.

6 months 23 days ago

Thanks a lot

7 months 3 days ago

hi, will the roads be open to go to Badrinath on the 3rd of April?

7 months 2 days ago

Hi Juan, road route to Badrinath remain open in April too.

Happy Journey !!

7 months 29 days ago

Hi, We are planning to come to Badrinath on May 1st 2017. Bookings were already made based on the Akashya tadige when Badrinath will open. Please let me know about the dates.


7 months 28 days ago

Hi Sumanth, On Akshaya Tritya Kedarnath shrine will open up, not Badrinath shrine. Badrinath Dham is going to open up on 06 May 2017. So Kindly re-arrange your bookings.
Our representative will mail you the package details soon.

8 months 13 days ago

Dear all, I want to know the best time to visit this holy places when rush or mob is less? Does the date of first week in may is crowded with the pilgrims?

8 months 20 days ago

Badrinath, Kedarnath – If I travel in the last week of April, and if the Temple is closed still, will I be able to get upto the temples at least or will the roadways to Badrinath/Kedarnath itself be closed – we plan to travel in the last week of April from Delhi. Thanks.

8 months 17 days ago

Hi Sivarajan, most probably Kedarnath temple will open on last week of April. If anyhow, it wouldn’t open by that time, the roads will remain open for pilgrims and tourist always. Hoping you surely get Badri-Kedar Darshanam.

9 months 23 days ago

I am planning to come badrinath on 29th January.
May I know temple will be opened or not.
If not what are the activities we can do there?

9 months 21 days ago

Hi Alex, Badrinath temple will be closed till April, 2017. You can take blessings at winter seat of Badrinath in Joshimath. During month of January and February, all these places are covered with snow. You can do skiing at Auli too.

10 months 4 days ago

I thought of visiting kedarnath in feb 24 .. on maha shivarathri.. Can i visit that place at that time.. will they open?? suggest me…

10 months 21 hours ago

Kedarnath will open in the month of May. On Mahashivratri you can opt for Kedarnath’s winter abode Ukhimath to take blessings.

10 months 26 days ago

Namaste! Which date does the temple open in 2017?

10 months 25 days ago

Dates of opening of Badrinath Dham will be decided by priests on Basant Panchmi. Most probably by 01 May 2017 it will re-open for darshan.

10 months 26 days ago

Hello. Which date does the temple open in 2017?

11 months 28 days ago

Reaching Badrinath on 23 oct 2016, will Badrinath temple be open for Darshan

utkarsh verma
1 year 4 days ago

the kapats of badrinath dham will close on 16th novermber at 03:45p.m.