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Badrinath Temple Dwarahat

Badrinath Temple Dwarahat

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Built in - 1085 AD
Diety - Lord Vishnu
Built By - Katyuri Dynasty
Location - In Dwarahat
Timings - 05:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.

Badrinath Temple Dwarahat, Dwarhat, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand as we all know is a place of beauty. It is a holy place where you can find peace in every ounce of this state. It is the place where Gods used to live, therefore it carries a lot of rich history and myths about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. This place is also known as ‘Devbhoomi’ which means the ‘Land of Gods.’ It is a magical place which has holy essence and overwhelming views. The state possesses various sacred shrines that are visited by thousands of devotees each year. This place is a house of many sacred temples which possesses many rich heritage and history and are famous not only in India but all over the world.

People and devotees from all over the world come to this state to worship the lords and also pray for their sins. Uttarakhand is also famous for its Char Dham Yatra. It is believed that this Yatra can give you the divine peace. There are temples in almost every region of Uttarakhand. All the temples have their own history and culture. All the temples in this state arefamous for its own value. One of the famous temples of Uttarakhand is Dwarhat Temple of Badrinath.

About Badrinath Temple Dwarhat

Dwarahat is a small town in Uttarakhand which is located in the Kumaon mountains of Uttarakhand. It is located at a height of 1510 m (4.950 ft) above sea level in the Almora district (Kumaon) Uttarakhand. Dwarahat is also known as “the village of temples.”There are many beautiful places and temples in Dwarahat village which enhances the beauty of Kumaon mountains.

Badrinath Temple is one of the ancient temples. The temple for Char Dham is located in Chamoli district. This temple is in Dwarahat in Almora district of Uttarakhand state. Both of the temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

This temple is one of the famous temples of Dwarahat. This temple is a beautiful example of imported architectural style of Garhwala which was prevalent in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
This Badrinath temple consists of three temples with a black stone idol of Lord Vishnu.

Why is Badrinath Temple of Dwarahat Famous

Badrinath temple is famous for variety of reasons:

  • Dwarahat weather is mostly cloudy, sunny, snowy windy and rainy. It is always pleasant to visit this place.
  • It is famous for its food Dubuk.
  • It has rich history and myths.
  • Dwarahat is famous for its pilgrimage, and you can also visit many beautiful places there.
  • It has rich architectural statues as well.
  • Traditional dresses and fruits are also incredibly famous.

Mythology About Badrinath Temple in Dwarahat

This temple has an extraordinarily rich history as well. It was believed that the Pandavas spent some time at this place during their journey. This temple is believed to be constructed at the time of Katyuri dynasty around the 10th and 12th centuries. This temple is also not excessively big in size. The shrine of this temple is believed to be constructed in sikhara style in 1085 AD as evident from the inscription “samvat 1105”. This temple of Dwarahat was believed to be the first developed temple architecture in the central Himalayas.

Best Time To Visit Badrinath Temple Dwarahat

The best time to visit Badrinath temple Dwarahat is between the months of September to may. Travelling here in this time is very enjoyable. The beauty of the nature is at its peak at this time. There is no chances of heavy snowfall or extreme weather of any kind during these months. So therefore, these months are the safest as well. There are chances of landslides in rainy season and extreme cold in winter. So, it is better to travel and worship the temples at this period of the month.

Location : This temple is located in Dwarahat (Mathpal Khola, hat, Dwarahat).
Distance : The distance and travel time to reach Badrinath Temple Dwarahat is 0.55 KM \ 4 MINS from Dwarahat taxi stand.
Exploration Time : The exploration time of Badrinath temple Dwarahat is 30 mins.

Badrinath temple Dwarahat is located on the banks of the river stream KHIRU GANGA with lush green cultivated field surrounding the shrines. It is located in Mathpal Khola, Hat, Dwarahat, Uttarakhand.

How To Reach Badrinath Temple Dwarahat

Nearest Railway Station : Kathgodam railway station is the nearest railway station located at a distance of nearly 109 kilometers from Badrinath temple Dwarahat. You can always take a cab \ taxi services from there to reach the temple.

Nearest Airport : Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport at a distance of nearly 143 km from Badrinath temple Dwarahat. You can book a taxi or cab to reach at your destination.

By Road : Dwarahat is located 37 km from Ranikhet at the intersection of Ranikhet- kausani road and also Almora-Badrinath Road. You can always travel in buses and also shared taxis run from Almora, Nainital and Haldwani to Dwarahat on a regular basis.

Visit Badrinath Temple Dwarahat During Char Dham Yatra

Uttarakhand is famous for its Char Dham Yatra. This yatra is soul for the devotees of Hindu mythology. The Char Dham of Uttarakhand is also known as Chota Char Dham. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the Indian Himalayas. This yatra is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The circuit consists of four sites- Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. It is believed that every person should worship these dhams atleast once in their lifetime. It is also believed that you can get ultimate moksha after visiting these places.

Badrinath temple Dwarahat is also a Lord Vishnu temple like Badrinath temple of Char Dham. They both have a rich history and mythology. On the way to your visit of Char Dham you can also visit Badrinath temple of Dwarahat because of its resemblance to the Badrinath temple of Garhwal and also you do not have to take a different route. It is located on the way to your Char Dham journey. This temple has beautiful mountains and view which will overwhelm you. This temple is located in Almora-Badrinath Road which you can reach by road. This temple also surrounds itself with many famous temples. You can also visit to those temples and make your journey more enjoyable.

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