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Bairaskund Mahadev Temple

Bairaskund Mahadev Temple

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Built in - Ancient
Diety - Lord Shiva
Location - In Vikas Nagar Ghat, Chamoli
Timings - 04:00 A.M. to 07:00 P.M.

Bairaskund Mahadev Temple, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

We all know that Uttarakhand is one of the most peaceful, adventurous, and beautiful places in all over India. It is a holy place which has the most famous shrines, sculpture and architecture of the Gods and Goddesses of the history. This place has beautiful sceneries and places with great historical and mythological importance. This place is a home to various gods and goddesses. This place is also known as ‘DEVBHOOMI’ which refers to as the ‘land of lords.’ This place is famous for its temples of various lords such as Shiva and many more. This state also grants us the divine knowledge about our histories and also the various cultures that people follow.

Uttarakhand is also famous for its Char Dham Yatra which is also known as Chhota Char Dham. It is believed that every person should visit and have the journey of this Char Dham once in their lifetime. Many devotees from all over the world come here and worship these places. The worshippers visit this state all over the year and pray to the gods to find their ultimate peace. There are many famous temples in uttarakhand and locations in this state that is worth visiting at. Some places are very old and very important. One such temple is Bairaskund Mahadev.

About Bairaskund Mahadev Temple

Bairaskund Mahadev temple is located in Chamoli district in Bairaskund. It is a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is an ancient temple and is one of the most important and famous temples in Bairaskund. Devotees from all over the world come to visit Bairaskund Mahadev temple throughout the year.

This temple is situated in Vikas Nagar Ghat, Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The Bairaskund Mahadev temple lies at a distance of 25.8 km from Nandaprayag.

History of Bairaskund Mahadev Temple

This temple of Bairaskund has been mentioned in the Ravan Samhita and other Hindu religious texts. It is believed that this is the place where Ravana underwent severe austerities to please Lord Shiva. It is believed that he stands on one foot and prayed to the Lord.

According to the Hindu mythology, when he gave all of his efforts to please Lord Shiva and he still did not appear, Ravana performed Shiva Tandav and sacrificed all of his ten heads to the Mahadev. The place where Ravan kept his heads is known as Dasmoli.

Puja in Bairaskund Mahadev Temple

Bairaskund temple has a pool in front and several others at the vicinity. The puja at the Bairaskund Mahadev temple starts at 4 a.m. the main priest of Bairaskund Temple and the hermit, Nepali Maharaja, starts the worship of Lord Shiva by praying and offering water to the Lord. The prayer continues till 12 p.m.

There are various religious ceremonies organized by the local people of the village, people from other villages also join in and they all visit the temple throughout the year, to worship Lord Shiva.

The mandir committee organizes a religious fair at the temple during Maha Shivratri. People from various regions come and pray to Lord Shiva. The Hindu month of sawan is quite popular over here as the devotes from all over the world come to pray and offer water to Lord Siva, so that they can worship him with full devotion.

What is Bairaskund Mahadev Temple Famous for?

The Bairaskund Mahadev temple is famous for many reasons.

  • It is famous for its temple and architecture.
  • It is famous for its puja and occasions.
  • It is famous for its pilgrimage, culture, and environment.
  • It is famous for its lake.
  • It is famous for its shiva temples and many more.

Best Time To Visit Bairaskund Mahadev Temple

The atmosphere near this temple is always pleasant. You can visit this temple all over the year. although the best time to visit Bairaskund Mahadev temple is from February to march because then you can experience the festivals of Navratri and Maha Shivratri that are celebrated here with joy and excitement. You can also be able to see the maha puja that held in the temple.

You can also visit this place in the month of sawan and worship this place at the time of sawan Shivratri, which is considered as an auspicious time to visit the temple.

Location of Bairaskund Mahdev Temple

This temple is located in Chamoli district in Garhwal, near Nandprayag, on Badrinath route.

How To Reach Bairaskund Mahadev

The best place to start your journey for the temple is Rishikesh. From there, you have to follow the national highway 7 to Nandprayag, from where the route to Bairaskund diverts.

  • By Road : You can drive easily to Bairaskund if you have a vehicle of your own.
    Taxis and buses are always available from Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Delhi to Nandprayag, from where you have to book a cab, or you can also take a shared taxi to Vikas Nagar Ghat – Kandal pull and reach Bairaskund Mahadev.
  • By Rail : Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railway station which 212 km away from Bairaskund Mahadev temple.
    Taxis and buses are always available from Rishikesh, to Nandprayag, from where you have to book a cab, or you can also use local transport to get to Bairaskund Mahadev temple from Nandprayag.
  • By Air : The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant airport at Rishikesh which 229 km away from Bairaskund Mahadev temple. It is a domestic airport located at 25 km away from Dehradun. You can easily find taxi or buses to reach Nandprayag.

Visit Bairaskund Mahadev Temple During Your Char Dham Yatra

Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand is famous all over the world. It is also known as Chhota Char Dham. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the Indian Himalayas. It is believed that every person should visit all of these places once in their lifetime. It is also believed that if they worship these places, then they can get ultimate moksha. It is located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The circuit consists of four sites- Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

You can always visit Bairaskund Mahadev temple on your journey to Char Dham. It is located on the route of Badrinath, and this temple symbolizes Lord Shiva and carries rich history and mythology. This place also has grand puja festivals which you can enjoy on your journey to char Dham. You can always visit this beautiful temple on your way to the Char Dham journey.

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