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Kainchi Dham, Nainital, Uttarakhand

Kainchi Dham (Baba Neeb Karori Ashram)is a Hanuman temple & Ashram which was established by a great saint Neem Karoli Baba in the 1960s. Located on the Nainital – Almora road, approximately 38 km from Nainital, Kainchi Dham is popular among the devotees of the Neem Karoli Baba and Hanuman Ji. Situated at an elevation of 1400 metres above the sea level, this pilgrim has to do with Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj Ji and the ashram dedicated to him along with a Hanuman Temple. It is located in between two hills that cut and cross each other to create a shape of scissors hence this place is named Kainchi Dham.

On June 15 every year a large number of devotees and locals come to Kainchi Dham to get Prasad and attend a fair as per the celebrations of The Pratishtha Divas at the ashram. Many hundreds of people visit the temples here every day, in season.
The number of devotees and the associated vehicular traffic is so large that the district administration has to make special arrangements to regulate the same. Accordingly some changes have been made in the whole complex so that people do not face any difficulty in movement. Kainchi temple is of a special importance in each and every devotee’s life. Rules are strictly enforced and individuals staying at the ashram are required to participate in morning and evening arati. The ashram is closed for a lot of time of the year as the season gets too cold here.

History of the Kainchi Dham

Shri Poornanand of Kainchi village was called by Maharaj ji sometime back in the year 1962. Maharaj ji waited while sitting on a parapet wall by the roadside near Kainchi. On the arrival of Shri Poornanand both of them reminisced about the time they first met around 20 years back, in 1942. They discussed all the places around. Maharaj ji specifically wanted to see the place where Sadhu Premi Baba and Sombari Maharaj had lived and performed Yagyas (The ashram was initially built as a dedication to both of them, here they used to offer Yajnas). Upon seeing the area and Maharaj ji’s wish, the forest was cleared. Maharajji contacted the then “conservator of forests” and took possession of the requisite land on lease and a Chabootara (rectangular platform) was constructed covering the Yagyashala. The Hanuman temple is built over the platform mentioned above.

He started to attract devotees from different places and a chain of bhandaras, kirtans, bhajans started being held at this place. The Pran- Pratishtha of idols of Hanuman ji and others was performed on 15th June in different years. Thus, 15th June here is celebrated every year as Pratishtha Divas when a large number of devotees come to Kainchi and get Prasad. It was here that Ram Dass and other westerners spent a lot of good time with Maharajji. In the year 1964, in June, The temple was first inaugurated. The Kainchi Dham got famous in the year 1973 when Steve Jobs the ex- CEO of Apple, Julia Roberts and Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of facebook) visited the temple in the search of enlightenment.

About Neem Karoli Baba

Considered as the incarnation of Lord Hanuman, he was a Hindu guru who was a devotee of Hanuman ji and is reputed to have performed many miracles throughout his life. Baba was known for one of his sayings “feed everyone”. He always said that food is priority and no work can be done with efficiency without food in the body. Baba lived in a very simple way and did not let anyone touch his feet.
Miracles of Neeb Karori Baba.

It is said that there was once a shortage of ghee during a Bhandara in Kainchi Dham. Baba said to bring water from the river flowing below in the canister. When it was used for making prasad, the water turned into ghee.

According to another story, Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj, to save his devotee in the scorching heat of summer, once made him a cloud umbrella, and took him to his destination himself.

There are many more of his tales but, once Baba was travelling in the first class compartment. When the ticket was checked, Baba did not have a ticket. Baba was then dropped from the train at the next Karoli. Baba sat there, at the side with his stick buried in the earth beneath him. The train did not move from where baba was dropped off. When the train didn’t work even after many efforts, the local magistrate Baba asked the officials to apologise to Baba and bring him inside respectfully. The train started moving as soon as Baba sat in the train.

Baba’s Origin

Laxminarayan Sharma was Neem Karoli baba’s real name. He was born in the village Akbarpur of Uttar Pradesh. He had attained enlightenment at the age of 17. Baba was married at the age of 11. Baba left his home in 1958. He roamed all over North India and came to be known as Lakshman Das, Handi W Tikoniya Wale Baba. He was known by the name of Talaiya Baba while he was doing Vavaniya Morbi in Gujarat.

Richard Alpert (Ramdas) wrote a book titled ‘Miracle of Love’ on the miracle Karoli Baba, in which there is a mention of an incident called ‘Bulletproof Blanket’ where it is mentioned how Baba always used to wear blankets only.

He considered Lord Hanuman as his guru and idol. Neem Karoli Baba has constructed and established around 108 Hanuman temples in many locations across India during his lifetime. Some of the temples he built are; Bavania Temple, Bhumiyadhar Temple, Hanumangarhi Temple (first temple built by maharaj ji), Kakrighat Temple, Panki Temple, Vrindavan Ashram, veerapuram Ashram, Mehrauli Ashram.

Construction of Maharajji’s Temple at Kainchi

On September 10, 1973 baba ji attained his maha Samadhi in Vrindavan. The Kalash containing his ashes is already installed in Shri Kainchi dham. With all his devotees’ cooperation, without any plan and design, the construction work of Baba ji’s temple began in 1974. Recitation of Hanuman Chalissa and singing Kirtan while constructing the temple was the key feature of that time. On 15th June 1976 Maharajji’s murti (idol) was installed and consecrated at the temple. The Bhagwat saptah and yajna etc. were completed before the installation and consecration ceremony.

Staying Inside Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, Kainchi

A letter of introduction and prior arrangement with the ashram is a must for the ones who wish to stay in the Kainchi Dham Ashram of Neem Karoli baba ji. First , a letter to the manager has to be written and a request for permission for your stay as to be asked for. Generally people are allowed to stay for a maximum of three days. One must also have a reference note from one of the older devotees. Send it along with a request to stay, and a picture of the person willing to stay.

Impotence and Significance of The Ashram Kitchen

It is considered to be an honour to serve Maharaj ji in his kitchen. It is said that Maharaj ji took special care to see that whoever came to Kainchi Dham was given prasad. He would examine the prasad and make sure that the purity and sanctity of the prasad is maintained. Often he said, ‘Food is God and Feeding the hungry is actually worship. First bhojan (food) then bhajan (prayer).

Shri Ma, who is the principal disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, now looks after the Ashram which is open for visitors only in her presence. When Shri Ma goes off to the hills to meditate in peace, the ashram does not operate in the timespan.

The Taos Ashram of Maharaj Ji

The ashram in Taos has a design that echoes the Southwest style of architecture and blends in with its local surroundings. It incorporates the essential features of a Hindu temple. The current temple room remains a sacred space. The sounds of kirtan chanting, and the great Hanuman Chalisa hymn reverberate throughout the Taos ashram complex.

All the temples and Ashrams that Maharaj ji have built in India are in close association with the deity Hanuman. Once in his dream a devotee painted an image of a flying Hanuman and a statue of this flying Hanuman was commissioned from a traditional family of marble sculptors in Jaipur, India. Maharaj ji left Sri Siddhi Ma to take care of his ashrams. She oversaw the fine details of Hanuman’s sweet expression on the statue that would leave for the journey to the west.

Location & How to Reach Kainchi Dham

One can reach it easily by taking a taxi or bus from Nainital to Almora. This place is located at Nainital – Almora road. Nearest railhead is Kathgodam which is 37 kms away from here, one can hire a shared or private taxi from the railway station. Buses always ply regularly between the two places.

The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport which is 71 kms away from here. One can reach Kainchi Dham via NH 109 by hiring a taxi cab from the airport.

The Kainchi Dham ashram is located at a mere distance of 18 km from Bhowali area in Nainital city and is also very well connected by motorable roads from across the state. You can drive to the Kainchi Dham yourself or hire a taxi, or even share a cab to reach here.

Best Time to Visit Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham has its gates open to devotees during all times of the year. The summers here are a splendid, making it a pleasant time for the pilgrims and tourists. The winters here are extremely cold and beautiful as you get to experience the splendid beauty of snow-covered peaks, and the cosiness this offers, in temperatures below 0 degrees. The ashrams do not allow people to stay in during extreme winters.

Monsoon, however, can be a little tricky due to jammed roads and heavy downpour but offers the most mesmerising look of this place with all colours coming out in their purest natural form after being washed by the rains.

On June 15 every year a large number of devotees and locals come to Kainchi Dham to get Prasad and attend a fair as per the celebrations of The Pratishtha Divas at the ashram.

Daily Timings of the Temple

There is no entry fee for visiting the temple and ashram. You can come here on all days of the week including public holidays between 5:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Things To Do Around Kainchi Dham

  1. Shop at the local market of Bhowali which is close to Kainchi and Bhimtal. Bhowali is also known for its fruit juices, jams and pickles.
  2. Visit the Shyamkhet Tea gardens which is just one km away from the city centre, Bhowali. Around 14 km away from Bhowali is a place called Ramgarh which is well-known for its fruit orchards.
  3. Near to the main temple, there is also a cave near the temple where Neem Karoli Baba used to worship and spend his time, performing other religious activities. Tourists can also visit this cave to offer their prayers here as there is religious significance attached to it.

Temples Near Kainchi Dham

  1. Naina Devi Temple, Nainital
  2. Garjiya Temple
  3. Golu Devta Temple
  4. Bhimeshwar Hindu Temple
  5. Hanuman Garhi
  6. Gufa Mahadev Mandir

What is The Kainchi Dham Famous For?

  1. Devotees can even stay at this ashram in Kainchi Dham,
  2. Devotees claim to feel the divine presence of Lord Hanuman and Neem Karoli Baba at the ashram.
  3. On June 15 every year a large number of devotees and locals come to Kainchi Dham to get Prasad and attend a fair as per the celebrations of The Pratishtha Divas at the ashram.
  4. It is set at a distance of merely less than 00 km from Nainital.

Tourists Can Visit The Kainchi Dham During Their Char Dham Yatra

A visit to the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram thus is a must, not only for staunch devotees of Maharaj Ji but for any and everyone who wishes to spend a day in peace and silence. This place is very close to Kathgodam (the nearest railway station) and Pantnagar (the nearest airport), devotees touring Uttarakhand, the Devbhoomi, can plan a trip to Kainchi Dham and Neeb Karori baba Ashram which is also very close to both Nainital and Almora. Baba Ji and Hanuman Ji’s devotees come from around the world to visit this temple.

While touring the Char Dham Yatra, one is advised to visit all the places of religious significance in the state. Kainchi Dham lies very close to a railway station and the airport, making it easier for tourists and pilgrims to visit the place after concluding their trip to Char Dham.

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