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Bineshwar Mahadev Temple, Binsar, Uttarakhand

India is a varied country with different cultures and traditions and even festivals celebrated in each state. Uttarakhand is one of the most peaceful and glorifying state in India. It is a spiritual hub for people. It is a magnificent place with lots of famous sculptures, temples, monuments and culture. This state is also known as ‘DEVBHOOMI’ which means ‘THE LAND OF LORDS’. This place is famous for its many sacred temples such as Chhota Char Dham, Panch Kedar, Panch Prayag, Panch Badri, Shakti Peeth and Siddha Peeth. These beautiful temples adore themselves with the Himalayas and make a beautiful view peaceful to our eyes. It gives you the joy like you are in heaven.

These temples will give you divine knowledge about various gods and goddesses like Lord Vishnu, Krishna, Chandika, Mata Parvati and many other. You will get the knowledge about the wars, lifestyle, and culture they used to have. This place is a home to all these things and even the festivals celebrated here will adore you to your heart.

It is believed that every person should visit Uttarakhand once in their lifetime. There are many famous temples which make this place a spiritual and religious magnet since antiquity. Many devotes all over the year come and visit this place to get the prayers of the Almighty.

One of these temples are Bineshwar Mahadev temple.

About Bineshwar Mahadev Temple

Bineshwar Mahadev temple is situated at an altitude of 2480 meters above mean sea level. It is located in the village Bisaona in the Pauri Garhwal district of the state of Uttarakhand. It is an ancient Hindu temple. The temple got its name from the place Binsar where the temple is situated. It was built in 16thcentury, and it is very popular temple of this region. God shiva is the presidency deity of this place at that time who is worshipped as Bineshwar. During the Chand Dynasty,the shiv lingam was consecrated in which Raja Kalyan Chand is said to be a builder. This place of Binsar is known for its amazing and glorifying views of Himalayan peaks such as Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Trishul and Chaukhamba along with that you have got great variety of flora and fauna at Binsar wildlife sanctuary.

This temple is located in the dense wooded areas with lots of deodar and rhododendron. The temple has a great archeological significance, but the old temple was pulled down by the authority and a new structure was made. The chamber at the center of this temple forms the sanctum\ garbariha where there are images of Gods such as Ganesh, shiva- Parvati, and Mahishasuramardini. The interesting feature about this temple is the presence of God Shiva and Parvati in the same chamber. A fair is organized there on Vaikuntha Chatudarshi every year.

History and Mythology of The Bineshwar Mahadev Temple

It was believed that this temple of Bineshwar Mahadev was built by Maharaja Prithu in the memory of his beloved father, Bindhu at the time of 9th and 10th century. The exact origin of this temple is not clearly mentioned. But the design style of this temple resembles that made by Katyuri. There are no records about the construction of temple, but it was yet believed that it was a contemporary of Jageshwar and Adi Badri group of the temples. There ismany beautiful rock- cut idols, shrines and Shiva Lingam that are found close to this temple. There is yet so much more to discover about this temple and place as well. Historians have to search a lot to know about the correct history of this temple.

According to one of the legends it is believed that this temple is made by Pandavas in one night while they were in exile.

The other famous legend has that this temple was made by Bindu.

Yet others also believe that Bineshwar Mahadev temple was built by Lord Vishwakarma himself and not by others.

In the past it was said that there was a narrow circular body, a sort of well or reservoir in the central room forming the main shrine. Many idols of the gods and goddesses were kept around it. There was a snake that dwell inside the reservoir. In the present scenario the well structure of the past is covered with the flat stones. Later that the water was seeped out of the rocks, the people suggests that there is a reservoir underneath. It is highly a mountainous terrain with many ridges and water springs. The elevation of this place is roughly 2480m or8136 feet. It is like wise to say that this temple was made on a strong rock formation in a terrain that is conductive to the formation of natural springs. The main shrines of the Bineshwar temple are on a rock formation itself that houses a natural spring.

When the Chand Kings used to rule this place, Binsar was one of the hilliestplaces chosen by the rulersof that time to escape from the hot summer. The temple that drives its names from Binasar is situated at a distance of 6 km from Ayarpani. Binsar wildlife sanctuary is nearby.

What is Bineshwar Mahadev Temple Famous for?

Bineshwar Mahadev temple is famous for many reasons:

  • It is famous for its temple, architecture, sculptures and monuments.
  • It is famous for its rich history and mythology.
  • It is famous for its pilgrimage and culture.
  • This place is famous for its festivals and many other reasons.

Best Time To Visit The Bineshwar Mahadev Temple

The journey of this temple can be done throughout the year. the weather is pleasant and welcoming all over the time. But the best time to visit Bineshwar Mahadev temple is between the months of October to may. Travelling in these months here is the best and enjoyable. The weather at this time is pleasant and the atmosphere is breezy and cool. There are very less chances of heavy rainfall and landslides at this point of time. It is very easy to travel and have fun at this period of time. The view is clear, and the mountains are in its top beauty. The festivals celebrated at this time is also very memorable and enjoyable.

Apart from your visit to the temple you can also enjoy trekking and hiking and many more activities that you can see and enjoy.

Location of Bineshwar Mahadev Temple

Location : This temple is located in Binsar and is situated on the way to Binsar wildlife sanctuary, near Ayarpani which is 6 km away. Marry buden estate is also close to it.
Exploration Time of Bineshwar Temple : The exploration time of this temple is approx. 30 mins, and the entry is also free. You can also visit this temple at the time of festivals which is very enjoyable.

How To Reach Bineshwar Mahadev Temple

There are many ways to reach to this temple

  • By Air : The nearest airport to reach the Bineshwar Mahadev temple is at Pant Nagar which is 125 km from ranikhet and 127 km from Almora. You can take a bus or a taxi to reach to your destination. Shared taxis are also available, they can drop to your destination of the temple with less fair charges.
  • By Train : The nearest railway station to reach Bineshwar Mahadev temple is at Kathgodam which is situated 90 km away. Kathgodam is well connected by rail directly with delhi, the capital of India, Lucknow, the capita of UP, Dehradun capital of Uttarakhand. You can take taxis and cabs to reach your destination
  • By Road : Bineshwar Mahadev temple is well connected by the road’s networks. The roads are very nice and easy to travel to. Air and rail connectivity is quite low in the Uttarakhand region road network is the easiest and the best way to visit this state. It is the best available transport option. You can either drive to Ranikhet and then Soni Binsar or drive to Ramnagar and then Soni Binsar or hire a taxi or cab to reach Soni Binsar Ranikhet from delhi or any other nearby cities.

Visit The Baneshwar Mahadev Temple During Your Char Dham Yatra Journey

Char Dham Yatra is one of the most popular spiritual destinations in all over India. In Uttarakhand it is known as Chhota Char Dham Yatra. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage circuit situated in the Indian Himalayas. It is located in the Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand. This circuit mainly consists of four sites that is Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. All these places are very beautiful and peaceful. These places are situated in the very soul of Uttarakhand. It is believed that every person should visit all these destinations once in their lifetime. It is also believed that if you visit and worship all these places you can get ultimate moksha.

Bineshwar Mahadev temple is very beautiful and religious temple. You can see the view and beauty of the Kedarnath temple from this temple that is situated in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. This temple also enlightens you with the essence of these temples. Bineshwar Mahadev temple is situated very close to the Kedarnath temple. So, it is very much recommended to visit this temple during your Char Dham journey.

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