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Kalu Sidh Temple, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

There are four siddhas in Dehradun situated at a radius of 15 kms from the city in all four different directions, Kalu Siddh being in the east direction in the Forest of Thano at a distance of approximately 7 kms from the village Thano. Located in Kaluwala village near Bhaniawala, this temple is dedicated to the Sage Kalu who was one of the 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya. Devotees offer Bhel of jaggery to Baba. Every devotee who comes with wishes in his mind reaches here with a bhel of jaggery.

About Kalu Sidh Temple

In the premises of this temple, there are also idols of other gods and goddesses like Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Maa Durga and Shani Dev. Pandit Umesh Sharma, the Mahant of the temple, said that “Baba fulfils the wish sought from the true heart”. Back in the Tretya Yuga, Lord Shiva Shankar was worshipped here by Kalu Siddha ji. Later on, seeing his devotion for lord shiva, Kalu Sidh ji is worshipped here in the form of Shiva. His samadhi is in Haridwar.

There is a Shivling established by Kalu Sidh ji inside the temple. Many efforts were made to put a roof over it, but it could not be made. The roof falls off whenever it is installed over the shivling. Hence you will see a Shivling is still installed without a roof here. Near the temple, there is also a fountain without boring.

There is a tomb of Kalu Syed Baba from the 7th century in Almora Cantt. There is also a tomb of Baba’s horse near the tomb.

Mythology and Legends Associated With Kalu Sidh Temple

According to the legends and the history, Kalu Sayyid Baba, popularly known as the Kalu Sidh baba ji was born in a place called Kafkaj in Turkey. His religious roots are traced back to turkey. Everyone with a faith of either hindu or muslim is associated with Baba.

The belief says that Kalu Syed Baba was ordered from the heavens to come to India and get spiritual knowledge from Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, when Baba ji’s body was filled with radiance from the unique question of the Qawwal. Considering the orders sent from above, Kalu sidh Baba crossed Afghanistan and reached India on foot. At that time Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya had organised the qawwali festivals and were also decorated. One day, impressed by the words of a qawwal, kalu sidh asked the qawwal to ask for something. To which the qawwal asked for his age to be increased by just one day. This unusual query illuminated Baba’s body and exuded magnificence. After calming Baba down, Hazrat Auliya instructed his followers to transfer Kalu Syed Baba to the freezing Himalayas.

Following that, Baba travelled to Uttarakhand with a large group of devotees and a white horse.

The 84 followers of Lord Dattatreya, the wise Atri and Anasuya’s son, practised intense penance. In numerous locations across North India, they meditated. Their dedication made Lord Shiva happy, and he bestowed the gift of insight upon them. At his location of mindfulness, the devotees attained Samadhi and surrendered their bodies. The temples (four siddhas of Dehradun) were constructed as a mark of respect for Sage Laxman, Sage Munik, Sage Kulu, and Sage Mandu, four of his students.

For Bhandara and any auspicious task in the temple, Baba used to provide utensils in the form of invisible force 100 years ago. However, during this time, a worshipper left the false utensils in the temple. The pots have vanished since that time. Today, on the realisation of the wish granted at his sacred location.

Best Time To Visit Kalu Sidh Temple in Dehradun

Although you can visit this temple any time of year because of Dehradun’s wonderful climate, it is advised that you visit Kalu Sidh Mandir during or immediately after monsoon season if you really want to take in the natural splendour.
four hours long visit. There are arrangements for worshippers to take advantage of the serenity and tranquillity that surround the temple’s location. You can sit on the benches there and have a wonderful day out with your loved ones.

World-renowned Dhams, Siddha Peeths, and Devalayas may be found in Uttarakhand. Shri Kalu Siddha Temple in Dehradun’s Badowala Gram Sabha is one of these Siddha Peeths. It is thought that Baba grants requests made from the heart. Every year on June 8th, the temple hosts its annual celebration.

How to Reach Kalu Sidh Temple, Dehradun

On the Rishikesh– Bhaniyawala road, which leads to Badowala village, is where you’ll find Shri Kalu Siddha Mandir. This temple is four kilometres from the Bhaniyawala road and is located in the Shivalik forests. To go to the temple, there is a continuous service of vehicles leaving from Doiwala. Buses and other means of transport ply regularly. The village of Kalu Siddh is situated 7 kilometres from Thano village in Kaluwala. Private cars and taxis are the best ways to travel to Kalu Siddh because there is no public transportation there. The temple is at a distance of only 27 kilometres from Dehradun city.

The Kalu Sidh temple is nestled on top of a small hill, enclosed within Thano Forest Range as part of the Rajaji National Park.

By Air : (Nearest airport)

The Jolly Grant airport, which is 11 kilometres from the Kalu Sidh Temple, is the closest airport. From the airport, you can arrange for a taxi.

By Train : (Nearest Railway Station)

The Dehradun Railway Station, 27 kilometres away from the Kalu Siddh temple, is the closest train station. You may then order a taxi from there. The temple is located in Kaluwala Village, on the outskirts of Dehradun, 27 kilometres from Ghanta Ghar (Dehradun City Centre). From Dehradun, there are two ways to get to Kalu Sidh.

By Road :

The Kalu Sidh Temple has no direct public transportation choices. To go to Rishikesh, board a bus and get out at Bhaniyawala. You will need to book an auto or a taxi from Bhaniyawala. It is advised that you reserve a pre- paid taxi.

Alternate itinerary: Dehradun- Thano Road -Kallu Sidh

Temples and Other Nearby Places of Importance

What is Kalu Sidh Temple Famous For?

  • When praying at the temple, the devotees bring jaggery as a gift and eat it at home as prasad.
  • People who see them are thought to be fortunate. It is said that there are two large, shape-changing apes nearby the temple.
  • It is said that visiting all four sidh in a single day while fasting and praying will grant your requests.
  • In addition to puja, you can go climbing and trekking and view birds.
  • Kalu Siddh Puja Local villagers donate the first milk from their herd to the shrine. It is deemed lucky to do so.

Kalu Sidh Temple Can Be Visited During Char Dham Yatra

On completing the Char Dham Yatra one can access this temple as it also lies in the Garhwal region of uttarakhand. As this temple is situated in Dehradun, which is the nearest hot spot and a major tourist attraction in the country and around the world. Dehradun has a railway station, an airport and a well laid road network, the tourists and pilgrims can come to this city and visit the temple in uttarakhand and conclude their trip here with convenience as this city is well connected to the rest of the country.

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