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Continuous snowfall affects route to Gaumukh

Continuous snowfall affects route to Gaumukh

Continuous snowfall affects route to Gaumukh

The unexpected snowfall in March this year has raised problems for the Gaumukh Yatra. In such situation the task of opening Gaumukh route before the commencement of yatra season is no less than a challenge. The workers of Gangotri National Park have not been able to accomplish the task of snow removal from the track yet, while till last year the work of repairing track used to begin by the end of March.

A track of 18 kms connects Gangotri Dham to Gaumukh which lies in the core zone of the Gangotri National Park. The reponsibility of maintaining this track route rests with the Park administration. Every year a large number of travellers, tourists and mountaineers group arrive Gaumukh. If we have a look at the condition of the track this year, the route is completely blocked by the incessant two week heavy snowfall. Owing to the heavy snowfall it is difficult to move beyond even the entrance of the track, Kankhu barrier which is 3 km away from Gangotri.

It is believed that the avalanches slipping on the track of Devgarh, Rishinala, Bhujigarhi and Kacchi Dhang may take long time for removal. In many of these places the path is made over the straddeling icebergs every year. While in many places the tracks are on the risk collapsing owing to avalanches. In such situation, the chances of opening portals of Gangotri along with Gaumukh are low.

Forest field officer of Gangotri National Park, Pratap Singh Panwar said because of the long time snowfall the time to fix the track conditions is not right. On Wednesday, a team of employees is being sent beyond Knku barrier.

By March in the Gangotri Dham snowfall has posed such circumstances. The Gangotri to Gaumukh track is completely covered with snow due to which it is unlikely to open soon.

News Src : Dainik Jagran, Uttarkashi
img src : Wikimedia

Published Date: March 28, 2015
Last Updated On: March 31, 2015

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