CharDham Yatra 2016

Gate System starts at Joshimath and Pandukeshwar

The Gate System in Joshimath and Pandukeshwar has been imposed. Now yatra vehicles will not be allowed to leave ahead of Joshimath after 8 pm. On tuesday, CM Harish Rawat instructed officials to apply gate system at Joshimath and Pandukeshwar with closing time of 8 pm & 9 pm.

The gate system was lifted after 2013 floods. It is applied for the safety of pilgrims as night driving is dangerous on Badrinath road. This year the pilgrims stats has risen up. But there has not much business in Joshimath market. Local authorities has been demanding impose of gate system to benefit and security of pilgrims. The vehicles now will be stopped at 8 pm and gate will open at 6 am.

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Published Date: June 1, 2016
Last Updated On: June 3, 2016
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Char Dham Budget Tour Booking