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Kedarnath Rescue App to help Kadarnath yatra pilgrims in emergency

Shri Kedarnath Rescue App

Shri Kedarnath Rescue App

Shri Kedarnath Rescue android app will now help pilgrims on Kedarnath yatra. The special app for Kadarnath pilgrims will provide help in case for any emergency. Created by DDMA(District Disaster Management Authority) and DM administration, Shri Kedar Rescue App is an android emergency application, which can send an emergency message to the DEOC Rudraprayag & Rescue Officials in an emergency situation or natural calamity faced by any individual.

This app is for the benefit of travelers and pilgrims to Kedarnath Yatra Rudraprayag. It provides a medium for District Administration to identify location of strained pilgrims in case of a natural calamity.

Features in Shri Kedar Rescue Application –

1.    Emergency (food/Medical) Response System.
2.    Mapping of critical resource along yatra route.
3.    Geo-Fencing users can send SOS only within district boundary.
4.    User can view their current location in a single click & with that all the routes & points of interest nearby on the map.
5.    User will not be able to send SMS unless admin switches on disaster mode-therefore not even one junk SMS will reach admin.
6.    Disaster feature can be switched on or off red light (Disaster occurred)/ Green Light (No Disaster)
7.    User Current Location will be updated regularly at some interval .
8.    Offline mode Tracking rescue SMS sending feature.

Published Date: April 26, 2017
Last Updated On: April 26, 2017

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