Char Dham Yatra 2017

Local delicacy Jhangore ki kheer added in Char Dham Yatra food menu

Local delicacy Jhangore ki kheer added in Char Dham Yatra menu

Local delicacy Jhangore ki kheer added in Char Dham Yatra menu

Devotees going for Char Dham pilgrimage this year will now also get a chance to relish the famous local sweet dish made from the local flower Jhangora. This local delight will be served by several Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) rest houses set up on the route. With a number of food stalls offering a thali filled with daal, sabji, rice will also be accompanied by nutritious Mandua (local stable bread) ki roti and Jhangore (Millet) ki kheer. To accomplish this step GMVN will take help of youth of the state which will help in increasing employment among them and also give publicity to the local Himalayan gastronomy.

GMVN is taking care of the food arrangements for the devotees on the pedestrian way of Kedarnath Yatra. But the department is facing shortage of employees to present the food to the travellers. GMVN has sufficient staff for their guesthouses but in the special duty of Yatra this year the same number falls short for the task. To serve the food to the pilgrims, GMVN doesn’t has sufficient chefs, waiters and helpers. On this account GMVN administration has decided to enroll unemployed youth from disaster affected areas. As they are well versed in the local cuisine, it will also help in the work. GMVN will also provide training and required things like ration, fuel, utensils to them. Managers of the department have been given the duty to monitor at every centre. These centres will serve food to the pilgrims including dal (pulse), rice, chapati, vegetable along with local dishes. Seeing the geaographical conditions of Kedarnath region the employes will be paid more than normal wages. During the Yatra the department has to prepare food for approximately 1500 people each day at Gaurikund, Lincholi and Kedarnath. GMVN Senior Manager, BL Rana said this will also attract unemployed youngsters of the areas too.

Huts and tents reserved for tourists

GMVN has set up huts and tents for the travellers on footway to Kedarnath shrine. This will help increase the revenue of the department. The tents set up in Kedarnath, Lincholi, and Gaurikund are stocked with two beds and huts come with an attached bathroom.

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Published Date: April 15, 2015
Last Updated On: April 15, 2015

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