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The new location of Kedarnath township by GSI

New Location of Kedarnath Town

New Location of Kedarnath Town

GSI Suggestion for reconstruction in Kedarnath

GSI (Geological Survey of India) have submitted its final report and blue print on the repairs and new look of Kedarnath shrine, after it was damaged by the flash floods during June 2013.

It has also recommended that the new township of Kedarnath should be developed in the southern part of previous township, because current location lies in the danger zone.

The team has recommended to use the ‘Green Blasting’ technique, which is Eco-friendly and does not use dynamite, but some chemical is used to break rocks. In addition to that, the GSI team advised state government to disallow any further or new construction in the region.

GSI Uttarakhand Director VK Sharma said, " After extensive research, we have suggested to the government that damaged buildings should be demolished and a new township to be created in the southern part. Also the cracks in the rocks nearby Kedarnath temple should be repaired immediately."

Published Date: January 11, 2014
Last Updated On: January 29, 2014

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