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Tungnath Temple Tilting by 6-10 Degrees



The iconic Tungnath Shiva Temple, known as the world’s highest Shiva temple, situated at an elevation of 12,800 feet in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag district, has been found to have a significant tilt, according to a study conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The study revealed a tilt of 5 to 6 degrees in the temple structure and up to 10 degrees in the idols and smaller structures within the temple premises.

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Manoj Kumar Saxena, the Superintendent Archaeologist of ASI’s Dehradun circle, shared that efforts are underway to investigate the cause of the tilt and subsequent damage to the temple. The ASI aims to commence repair work promptly, pending a detailed inspection of the temple premises. Officials are also exploring the possibility of the lower portion of the temple sliding or sinking, which may have led to the observed tilt. Consultations with experts are being held to determine the replacement of damaged foundation stones.

To monitor any further movement or changes, the ASI has temporarily installed glass scales on the temple walls to measure and track any potential shifts. The Tungnath Temple, built by the Katyuri rulers in the eighth century, holds immense cultural and historical significance and falls under the administration of the Badri Kedar Temple Committee (BKTC). The BKTC has been notified about the temple’s tilt, urging their attention to the matter.

The revelation of the tilt has sparked concerns among devotees and authorities, highlighting the need for immediate action to safeguard the structural integrity of the revered Tungnath Temple. The ASI’s diligent study and subsequent repair efforts aim to preserve this architectural marvel and ensure its continued reverence for generations to come.

Published Date: May 18, 2023

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