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Kedarnath pedestrian route opened after heavy snowfall

Kedarnath pedestrian route opened after heavy snowfall

Kedarnath pedestrian route opened after heavy snowfall

Nehru Mountaineering Institute helped in the removal of snow which had earlier resulted in the blockage of complete pedestrian route. Now NIM is able to use the route for reaching Kedarnath from Guptakashi. The Dham witnessed heavy snowfall on Wednesday too but the pedestrian route is completely safe now.

The pathway was devastated in the 2013 hit flash floods, which was repaired in the following year. The new route is a few metres ahead of Rambada via Lincholi on the banks of Mandakini river in the left. The shadowed region receives remarkable low sunlight which increases the danger of landslides. Accoding to the NIM officials, the footway will be around 21 kms this year which is covered with snow beyond Rambada.

There are approximately 9 glaciers betwen Rambada and Kedarnath in which a 40 ft glaciers rests in Rambada itself. While an 8 feet between Kedarnath and Chaani, 4 feet betwwen Chani and Lincholi and around 3 feet snow is there between Lincholi and Rambada. Dham received intermittent snowfall since Wednesday which is likely to persist for a few days. Despite the rough weather conditions Kedarnath route has been fixed completely. The 40 feet glacier in Rambada has also been cut down making way for Kedarnath. It is believed that the paidal yatra will begin from Munkatiya owing to which the pedestrian route will be approximately 21 kms long.

News Src : Amar Ujala, Dehradun

Published Date: April 2, 2015
Last Updated On: April 2, 2015

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Vinay Shankar
2 years 4 months ago

Is it not a common practice to put the date/place at the beginning of the news item?
How does a reader know whether this news item is from today or two months ago or one years ago?