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New Route to Kedarnath

Kedarnath Route Map

Kedarnath Route Map

Before we proceed to then New Route of Kedarnath, we should explain the Old Route.

The old trek route was started from Gaurikund to Kedarnath via Rambara, a total walking distance of 14 kms. It was a nicely built pavement with fences, many shelters, shops and public conveniences in-between. The route was extremely safe, easy and with beautiful views of valleys, jungles and waterfalls.

After the disastrous flood in Kedarnath region during 2013, the old route was completely washed away, with no scope of repairs or reconstruction.

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Kedarnath Temple New Route

The new route to Kedarnath Temple is constructed and maintained by NIM teams members. Various teams are working to maintain the best suitable road to Kedarnath. New route via Rambara and Linchauli is major trek route to reach Kedarnath. Rambara was completely washed away in 2013 floods. Now only newly constructed bridge is to landmark Rambara.

Gaurikund to Kedarnath

This route will start from Gaurikund to Kedarnath, a total trek of around 15-16 kms. This route has been recommended by NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering). As the route between Rambara and Kedarnath was completely swept away, pilgrims can reach Kedarnath via Linchauli.

Trek Route Map To Kedarnath From Gaurikund

Gaurikund – 6 kms → Rambara Bridge – 4 kms → Jungle Chatti – 3 kms → Bheembali – 4 kms → Linchauli – 4 kms → Kedarnath Base Camp – 1 kms → Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Trek Route Map

Kedarnath Trek Route Video

Here you can watch how the new trek follows through Rambara Bridge, Chota Lincholi and other camp on the route to Kedarnath.

Alternative Trek Routes

From 2016, there has been two more trek routes open for Kedarnath. These are the new trek routes to Kedarnath

  1. Chaumasi → Kham → Rambara → Kedarnath (Total Distance 18 kms)
  2. Trijuginarayan → Kedarnath (Total Distance 15 kms)

Facilities in Kedarnath Trek Route

Enroute Kedarnath from Gaurikund, there are several facilities provided by the administration. Medical and First aid facilities are available at Bhimbali, Lincholi and Kedarnath. There is also a 10 bedded hospital with ECG and other modern facilities at Kedarnath. Apart from Medical, tea/ coffee shops and resting sheds are available on the route.

Keep visiting this section for more updates on the new route to Kedarnath.

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i am going with my family 4 person in may , can i touch baba kedarnath during puja


how will be the weather during June first week? can kids track the 18km of yartra? He is 8 year old.


Yamunotri ke barkot se Uttarkashi ki bus ya or dusraa sadhan mita hai

Anitha BS

Is it safe to start coming down to gowrikund around 3pm on the same day of darshan?


how much would it cost per person from rushikesh to chardham by mini bus

Goutam Banerjee

Sir, my wife and myself are both near sixty and sixty up. We want to visit Kedarnath Dham in October’20 (if permit by Govt.). We are unable to travel all the distance in a single day, so want to stay at any place at Jungal Choti/Lincholi/Bhimboli. Please let me know about the accommodation facility at those place.

With regards
Goutam Banerjee

Sovan Mukherjee

you can stay at GMVN Lincholi, 11 kms from gaurikunda.


Myself and one my friend are planning to travel to Kedarnath from Bangalore in the first week of August 2019. Please let me know is this time convenient, can we make it to the temple without any major hassles..

Shubham Singh
Reply to  sahana

best weather time is – OCTOBER because this time- less people, cheap hotel and very good weather….


is there any facility to get one way helicopter from the temple to down Gaurikund ?

Shubham Singh
Reply to  Abhishek

no facility for gaurikund. last stop for helicopter to KEDARNATH is fata..

Sovan Mukherjee
Reply to  Shubham Singh

But in the online booking the rate has been shown for one way trip.

Rinki gupta

Hi, i m very much fascinated to visit kedarnath at the month of July.i have child she is 1 n half years old is it safe to visit with her. Which one would be safe helicopter or by steps…. Plz let me know d charges of helicopter fares also

Reply to  Rinki gupta

July is not a good time to visits that too with small kids. July witness heavy rains in the valley. May to June or sept and Oct are good time. when weather condition is not good helicopter services with holds. Both are safe though helicopter is comfortable

Reply to  Rinki gupta

Hare Krishna. Your child is small so avoid. Near July there may be rainy season.

Reply to  Deepak

Hare Krishna Deepak Prabu I am P. Chandrasekaran from Chennai planning for solo trip to Kedarnath by trekking , kindly share your number , I have some clarifications. Please help.


does we need any special permit or registration while visiting kedarnath. if yes , also send how to get them.

Reply to  sourabh

Hare Krishna. No permit / registration is required.

sanket panchasara

Do we need to take permission to trek from gaurikund to kedarnath??


is car reach upto gaurikund ? is accomodatios are available at gaurikund?


hi , I am 27 year old man , I ‘m willing to trek to kedarnath temple on sept (29th -oct 2 nd 2018) ,
will it suit for trek to my dates ?
which route is best to reach kedarnath?
what all things we have take at trekking time ?
total how much kilometer for treking”?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  marimuthu

Go for it. Check any Kedarnath trek Q&A at

Parwathy murthy

How long does it take to reach Gaueikund or sonprayag from Saari.
How long does it take to reach Dehradun from Gaurikund.


Mujhe toda Dar lgta h turns s plz suggest me I hv 2 kids …


Turns kese h aur rishikesh s mukteswar no to is route kesa h

Sandeep Gurung

Hi…. I intend to visit Kedarnath Dham in the month of oct.. do I have to book helicopter tickets in advance or is it available from helipad itself…. few years back I had visited Amarnath Dham and tkts were available from the helipad itself…

Do I have to carry woollen clothes in oct … what will be the weather like

Please advise

Reply to  Sandeep Gurung

HI Sandeep , Heli tickets are easily availble in month of october coz of lack rush of pilgrims. And another most important thing is that you must have woolen clothes + rainy suit beause tempurate is around of 4-5 degree and you visit in lap of kedar glaciar. Happy and safe joureny in advance. Jai Kedanath.

Ashok kamra

I am fatty body with 110 kg weigt. Can i go by feet gurikund to kedarnath

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Ashok kamra

Hi Ashok, you can trek to Kedarnath with proper breaks at frequent intervals. If you find difficulty on going by feet, then horses/ Palki are available too at Gaurikund.


Hari Om. Our yatri group will be going for Kedarnath darshan in mid-June (overnight stay arrangements are confirmed).
1. Does the new trek route cut through glaciers; or even snow-covered areas in mid-June?
2. Will sweater + windcheater jacket suffice or should we plan for heavier woolens/gloves?
3. Forum comments indicate that the new trek route is very difficult. Is it more steep or just longer than the old route?
4. If any yatri feels too exhausted along the way, are any pony services available for hire mid-way?
Thank you for your guidance.

Reply to  kshama

1. No , New track is easily accessible in mid june or july and glacier is start backside of temple. Yor are visited in lap of Glacier
2.If you are plan by feet to temple then plz take raincoats and some woollen clothes beause tempreature in kedarnath track is dramatically change within minutes. And take one heavier woolen jackets if you want to stay in night at kedarnath dham.
3. Yes the new track from Rambara is very difficult and approx 5 km are also added in the new route and the route is full with steps and this is the most difficult part of this journey.
4.Yes if you are not able to walk then you take pony service in mid-way and this gonna lil chipper.
Best Wishes For you Journey. Jai Kedarnath.

Ravindra Dr. Jategaonkar

Your website says “New trek route to Kedarnath recommended by NIM is 16 km, but the distances shown in the photo add up to 22km. Is the new trek 16 or 22Km from Gaurikund?


Actually after 2013 disaster it is 22 km. Jai kedarnath

sujit kumar das

hi, please guide me how to get permission to trek from gangotri to goumukh. get me mail id,contact no. and address. we are planning for may 3 rd it from uttarkashi or gangotri

Sacred Yatra

Hi Sujit,

Please visit to get permission online for Gaumukh Trek.

Shalini Agrawal

I am 60 years old and have trekked to Tigers nest in Bhutan recently.That is considered a moderately tough trek. Will I be able to make in 7-8 hours?What precautions to take?
As compared to Amarnath yatra how tough is this?

Shrikant Yadav Badole

How much time will take to reach kedarnath for pedestrian if we start early in the morning. We wanted to come back on the same day till late evening.

Sacred Yatra

Hi Shrikant, If you are Physically fit, then one can complete trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath in 5-6 hours. Else it could take 7-8 hours. On coming back, it would take 3-4 hours only. So one can do come back on same day from Kedarnath.

Suraj singh

Best route for kedarnath trek Pls suggest

Reply to  Suraj singh

There is only one route 4 both pedestrian and ponny/horses. Jai Kedarnath


hi, can you please advice how much time it takes from gaurikund to kedarnath by pony ride, and we cover the same in a single day

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  vinay

Pony ride will take atleast 5-6 hrs to reach Kedarnath


Hi, I’m planing to goto Kedarnath in April last week. If I’m not wrong, you’ve given only two options above for trekking. I want you to suggest me the best and beautiful trek. I wouldn’t mind seeing snowfall (if it does happen in April) and lots of nature along the way. If possible, I’d like to go with the group or so. Do you know any trekking group or website?

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Dipendra

Hi Dipendra, Kedarnath trek is awesome and full of nature vistas on the route with panoramic views of Mountains, forests and hills. For arranging a beautiful trek for you kindly provide us more details at

For more treks you can visit :

soumya debnath

I hv some queries: 1: what is the total number of accommodation to stay at night 2: do I need to book? or it is generally available after reaching there ?

Reply to  soumya debnath

Hello there is lot of accomodation in kedarnath dham and there is not online booking. It is generally availble and the cost of the accomodation is depands on which month you visit.

shiv kumar

Reg Travel guide From Delhi to Kedarnath,
which month is the good for travel.
lowest budget pls.

Reply to  shiv kumar

Hi If you want to visit in lowest budget then plz go in month of august or september. Jai Kedarnath

Ranbeer sharma

Can pregnant lady , 6 month pregnant, go to kedarnath , trekking . Is it safe . Do there enough medical facilities available .

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Ranbeer sharma

Hi Ranbeer, Kedarnath trek is tough 18 km distance. Kindly consult your doctor for best advice. There are only basic medical facilities will be available.

Reply to  Sacred Yatra

It is possible only when you visit in heli. Happy Journey. Jai Kedarnath

Gurmeet singh

1. Can We Go N Come in 1day by horse only from gaurikund-kedarnath-gaurikund or it take 1night 2days
2 we will go fast n come fast we have no extra time as we will go for sri hemkunt sahib

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Gurmeet singh

Yes, you can do that.


I am not from India and want to visit Kedarnath. Can you please give me advice on
1) where will the closest hotel be for me to stay to Kedarnath.
2) If i have to take helicoptor what time do i have to take it and from where and also how much will it cost?
3) where will the helicoptor drop me and how much more distance will i need to go to Kedarnath?
4) Can I go and come back on the same day with the helicoptor or do i have to go by helicoptor and then stay at Kedarnath and then the next day come back?
5) What must i take to the Kedarnath temple for offerings example do i have to buy fruits? or are there stalls at the temple to buy prayer offerings and what are the prayer offerings that i have to buy?
6) If i carry a small bag with my things inside will they allow me to carry it in the temple or do i have to leave my bag somewhere?
I am sorry for so many questions. I am from South Africa and will be new to India and really want to visit Kendarnath temple so i want to be sure and have all my questions answered before going so i am well prepaired.

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Seema

Hi Seema, Welcome to India & Kedarnath !!

Kedarnath temple, may be you already know, remains open from May to October month only. So plan accordingly. Kedarnath has accommodation facilities of around 1000-1500 pilgrims. Else you could stay at Sonprayag.

Helicopter services will be available from Phata or Guptkashi and will take 10 mins to reach Kedarnath. You have to walk less than 500 mtrs to reach temple. It will cost INR 7000/- for return flight on same day or you can also stay at night and return another day. Buy simple offering and will be available at shops at Kedarnath. You can take small bag with you.

Hope this will help you !!

Reply to  Sacred Yatra

I much appreciate the response. Thank you for the help. Take care

J M Parmar

I trekked in October 2017. The new trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath is tougher than previous one which was destroyed in the year 2013. Govt. should try to make it less steeply so that pedestrians may trek comfortably.
Pedestrians are compelled to walk on the valley side and horses/pony carrying pilgrims/building materials walk on the hill side. This is very risky and against the norms laid down by the Govt. Pedestrians safety should be at the top priority.

satish nurukurthi

hello people,

i’m planning to trek kedarnath on octobber 20. can you please help me with some of my doubts

1) Can we trek uphill and come down on same day?
2) can we get accommodation at kedarnath?
3) how can we travel to badrinath from kedarnath?
4) any other places of interest in kedarnath?

Sacred Yatra

Dear Satish, Sorry for the late response.

1) Can we trek uphill and come down on same day? (No, it is not possible to trek uphill and come same day down from Kedarnath. But it is possible if you take Helicopter service either while going up or coming down from Kedarnath dham)
2) can we get accommodation at kedarnath? (yes, you will find plenty of tents and govt accommodation in Kedarnath)
3) how can we travel to badrinath from kedarnath? (Trek down to Sonprayag and take bus/jeep to Joshimath/Badrinath)
4) any other places of interest in kedarnath? (there are but it will take one-two days)

Narendra Rawal

Hi I have to come this 16 I have to just enquiry about weather & how do reach Kedarnath thru helicopter

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Narendra Rawal

Hi Narendra, Weather is fine and you can take helicopter services from Phata.



Planning to come to Guptaksha on 10th Aug,need information about

(1) How is the whether
(2) Going to stay in hotel at sonprayag check post so is it ok to start treak at 5 o clock
(3) Are the taxi are available at that time
(4) are we stand in line for any thing in Sonprayar or Gaurikund (i.e any medical proofs we have to submit, i m coming alone and my age is 40 years)
(5) Where we have to collect the Chardham cards
(6)is it possible to treck and comeback to Gaurikund on same day (i.e start 11th morning 5 o clock) .
(7) How is roads condition now
(8) is it possible to complete Kedaranth by 12morning and start to Badrinath
(9) How much time it will take from Sonprayag to Badrinath.


Hi Rajesh, How much time it will take from rudraprayag to Gaurikund, if we start rudraprayag at 5AM then at what time we are able to reach by car.

is it possible to complete treak between gaurikund to kedarnath at one day itself.

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Gowrisankar

Hi, It will take 3-4 hrs to reach Gaurikund from Rudraprayag. You can travel till Sonprayag by your own car, as after that sharable taxi are provided for pilgrims. Yes, you can complete whole trek in a day.


SIR i want to know about Alternative Trek Route Trijuginarayan – Kedarnath (Total Distance 15 kms)

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  rajesh

Hi Rajesh, this route is not much used by pilgrims and not much info is available about this trek route. It is opened by administration for in case of any emergency.

Prosenjit Dutta
Reply to  Sacred Yatra

Hallo Sir
If I want to go on this route can I get permission? If the answer is yes, then kindly provide the necessary information so that I can use this new route.

Indranil kundu

hi I want to travel solo for chardham yatra on October 7 from rishikesh. as it’s my first visit to chardham yatra, I getting little bit confused whether there is any budget package for me or not? if I want to travel by regular bus service from rishikesh towards jankichatti and from jankichatti to yamunotri then again from yamunotri to uttar kashi …………is it possible by regular bus or by shared jeep, local taxi service? whats about the average rent for room per night? is there dormitory around the yatra route? I am planning for October, 2017 so will I have to book rooms in advance? I need your suggestions to plan well my trip in October. thank you

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Indranil kundu

Hi Indranil, if you are traveling solo in October and have ample days then we suggest you to travel by your own in local buses and no major need to book rooms in advance as in October month you would find any huge rush in Chardham Yatra. Room rates will be from INR 300 to INR 1000 per night at different location. Kindly make a plan travel plan before starting the tour. If you need a best budget package for Chardham Yatra then Sacred Yatra offers you low cost budget packages for Chardham Yatra. You can check them here . Sacred Yatra makes your travel hassle free and provides best travel experience.


Hi sacred yatra bunch of people (10) travelling from SonPrayag to kedaranath on 30-may-2017 we need some tips,if possible tell me charges of helicopters on that to kedaranth. age is 60 above

shivadhanush BR

Hi Sacred Yatra, will the trek be completed in a day or we need to Up trek 1 day and down trek 1 day. what is the total time need to trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath and back to Gaurikund. Please advise. We need to plan our journey accordingly as we are coming from Bangalore, Karnataka. Please.

Sacred Yatra

Hi Shivadhanush, If you are fit to trek 18 kms up and 18 kms down, then you can surely do the trek in a day. Many pilgrims are easily doing it. It takes 5-6 hrs to reach Kedarnath from Gaurikund. And 2-4 hrs back to Gaurikund for a normal person. For better planning and easy yatra, always do you accommodation booking in advance. We also provide complete package to Kedarnath. Kindly check : &


Weather it was advisable to stay in kedarinath… weather we get dol people will be there for return


What will be the rate for the month June and July for dol carrying by mens to kedarinath

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Dillibabu
Adityavardhan Tiwari

Is there any accomodation facility in kedarnath like near it some rest house or some place where we can rest for the night

Sacred Yatra

Hi Adityavardhan, GMVN offers accommodation facilities at Kedarnath. You can book accommodation in advance through GMVN website.


how much bus fare from Rishikesh to gourikund and rudraproyag to badrinath?


hello…. i want to start trek from gourikund to kedarnath and i will stay one night at kedarnath next day come back at gourikund during this time where putting my luggage? and one more thing have any gmvn accommodation at gourikund?

Sacred Yatra

There are no locker room for luggage only. You either leave your belongings at some shop or leave luggage at Sonprayag luggage room. As you know there is sharing taxi from Sonprayag to Gaurikund, all you can do to leave luggage at Sonprayag. GMVN Gaurikund is also a very good option to stay.


How much time pony Will take from gorikund to kedarnath


hi people, I just wanted to ask if there is any timing to start trek to kedarnath as we are planning to start trek after noon so is there any restriction to continue trek at night… Please Reply ASAP

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Ankur

No, Night trek is prohibited. Trek time start from 04:00 am


Hi….Since there is no room left in GMVN uttarkashi so will it be right to stay in gaurikund because i want to visit kedarnath and tungnath,chandrashila as well. how frequently UTC buses depart from rishikesh to gaurikund or what are their timings,how much time they take to reach gaurikund from rishikesh,because check in time is 12 noon at GMVN gaurikund so i want to be there around 12.please also mention minimum days to cover both kedarnath and tungnath chandrashila and time duration of trekking.

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Shubh

Hi Shubh, If you can find a room at Gaurikund then it is fine. As Rishikesh-Gaurikund has min 7 hrs driving distance (more in bus), so we suggest you to reach Gaurikund by evening. Also there is no point in reaching at Gaurikund if you can’t go and trek back from Kedarnath. So have a night stay at Gaurikund and next day trek to Kedarnath and return back to Gaurikund. And next day drive towards Chopta, do the Chandrashila summit and return back to Chopta/ Ukhimath for the night. Last thing i want to tell you that Tungnath-Chandrashila trek will take 5-6 hr at most from Chopta. So Happy Journey !!

Prakhar Mishra

What are the timimgs of buses of state transport from haridwar to gaurikund? since am a student and travelling solo in May last.My budget is limited, so please suggest how to plan my journey from haridwar to kedarnath.from kedarnath . I also want to visit tungnath and chandra shila…

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Prakhar Mishra

Hi Prakhar, As May is the rush month for Chardham yatra, we suggest you to make advance bookings for bus and hotel/ guest houses at Haridwar and Guptkashi/ Gaurikund. State transport bus ticket will be available from UTC online website & hotels can be book via GMVN website. For Tungnath & Chandrashila visit, you can stay at Guptkashi. It will help you in Kedarnath yatra too. You can visit Tungnath & Chandrashila in a day from Guptkashi.


Want to visit kedarnath in 1st week of May..advise if possible to trek then

Sacred Yatra
Reply to  Rajan

Yes, its gr8 to trek in May.

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