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Kedarnath Puja Rates

Puja Rates in Kedarnath Temple

Puja Rates in Kedarnath Temple

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Devotees can perform various Puja Paath Aarti Bhog at Kedarnath temple at pre fixed rates. There are several types of Puja Paath available at Kedarnath temple which includes online Puja where presence of pilgrim is not required.

Rate List for Puja/Paath/Bhog/Aarti at Kedarnath Temple

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Puja/Paath/Bhog/Aarti Rate List of Kedarnath Temple (presence of pilgrim is NOT required)

Name of Puja Timing Rate in INR
Abhishek Puja (Bandhan) For 10 years 11050
Akhand Jyoti Daily As Per Norms 3500
Akhand Jyoti Varshik As Per Norms 26000
Ann Daan Any Time 100
Atka Prasad by the Ordinary Mail For 10 years 585
Atka Prasad under Regd. Post For 10 years 1270
Bal Bhog (Bandhan) For 10 years 2080
Bhairav Pujan Bhent Any Time 900
Daan Any Time 100
Daily Bhog Distribution As Per Norms 100
Daily Nitya Niyam Bhog of Shri Kedarnath ji As Per Norms 3510
Daily Nitya Niyam Bhog of Shri Kedarnath ji & his Subordinates Temples As Per Norms 5330
Daily Yagya Havan (Time Afternoon) As Per Norms 1800
Deep Batti Daan Any Time 900
Donation for Renovation Work Any Time 100
Gaddi Bhent Any Time 100
Karpoor Aarti For 10 years 1690
Laghu Rudrabhishek Puja For 10 years 7500
Maha-Abhishek Puja (Bandhan) For 10 years 20800
Mahabhog (Bandhan) For 10 years 12610
Normal Bhog Puja Daily (Through Chief Priest) As Per Norms 325
Prati Somwar Yagya Havan As Per Norms 1800
Sadavrat Khichadi (For 5 Person) As Per Norms 3500
Sampoorna Arti (Bandhan) For 10 years 5850
Shiv Ashtottari Path For 10 years 1300
Shiv Mahimnstotra Path For 10 years 1690
Shiv Namawali Path For 10 years 2080
Shiv Prakshmapann Stotra For 10 years 1690
Shiv Sahstranam Stotra For 10 years 1690
Shiv Samadhi Poojan Kapat Band Hoene per As Per Norms 5850
Shiv Thandav Stotra For 10 years 1690
Shravani Poornima Annkut As Per Norms 7540
Sodasopachar Puja (Bandhan) For 10 years 5850
Special Bhog Puja Daily (Through Chief Priest) As Per Norms 850
Special Donation Any Time 100
Uttam Bhog Puja Daily (Through Chief Priest) As Per Norms 850

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Puja/Paath/Bhog/Aarti Rate List of Kedarnath Temple (presence of pilgrim is required)

Name of Puja Timing Rate in INR
Astopachar Puja (Durings General Darshan Time) 8 Minutes 850
Balbhog (through Temple Chief Pujari Ji) As Per Norms 900
Laghu Rudra-Abhishek 30 Minutes 5500
Mahabhishek Puja (Time 01 hour, 5 Person) 1 Hour 8500
Morning Puja’s (through Temple Chief Pujari Ji) As Per Norms 850
Panchopachar Puja (Durings General Darshan Time) During General Darshan Time 850
Rudrabhishek (Time 45 Minute, 5 Person) 45 Minutes 6500
Sampurna Aarti (Time 01 Hour, 1 Person) 1 Hour 2500
Shiv Astotari Path (Time 05 Minutes, 3 Persons) 5 Minutes 900
Shiv Mahimnnastotra (Time 12 Minutes, 3 Persons) 12 Minutes 1800
Shiv Namavali Path (Time 15 Minutes, 3 Persons) 15 Minutes 1800
Shiv Paradhkshamapannastotra (Time 12 Minutes, 3 Persons) As Per Norms 1800
Shiv Sahastranaam Path (Time 10 Minutes,3 Persons) 10 Minutes 1800
Shiv Tandavstotra Path (Time 12 Minutes, 3 Persons) 12 Minutes 1700
Shodashopachar Puja (Time 10 to 15 Minute, 5 Person) 15 Minutes 5000
Whole Day Pujas As Per Norms 26000

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For Advance Bookings of Kedarnath Mandir Pooja Contact:

Uttarakhand Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board
Saket, Lane No-7, Canal Road,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248001. INDIA

Contact Number- +91-7060728843

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Hi , we friends planned on 13 Aug 2023 kedarnath yatra , so please advise admin that while visiting temple ….which pooja we have to book for any time darshan approx atleast get to touch shivling and get blessing for same …..because at on bktc website only these poojas available :- whole day poojas / sampurna aarti and shodashopachar puja .

Reply to  suresh

Shodashopchar pooja will be carried out inside grabh grah it takes 10-15 minutes one ticket for 5 person of same gotra, can touch shivling


What is Maha Abhishek puja and why it is different from other pujas?

Reply to  Rishi

After corona this Pooja is not offered


कृपया यह बताने का कष्ट करें कि महा अभिषेक या लघु रुद्धा भिषेक की पूजा बाबा केदारनाथ के गर्भ ग्रह मे होती है या बाहर के परिसर मे


puja rate wagera samaj mai nahi aaya jaruri to nahi hai rate lagana baba ki puja kewal bhakti sai hote hai. Darshan kai rate hata dene chahiyai aapko.
Yai theek nahi hai. Krpya management theak kijiyai essai ham kedaarghati kai logon ki badnaami hote hai essai.


I want to book online Aarti Pooja tickets for Badrinath n kedarnath




We shall go to kedarnath & badrinath on 10th May. I am a cancer survivor. Can I go by road? Can I cook in pressure cooker in hotel? How much cost for cooking?

Ramesh AGrawal

My wife has visited 11 jyotirlings this will be her 12 th we are visiting on 6th june in morning helicopter around 7AM is it possible to get Darshan without long waiting as she is old and unable to stand for long time


We are planning to come on 16th May by Helicopter. Can we perform Puja in less than 2 Hours as the time given by Helicopter services is only 2 hours

Sacred Yatra

Yes, surely you can easily perform holy puja in less tha 2 hours.

jayesh Trivedi

Pooja rate

jayesh Trivedi

Regular pooja rate

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