CharDham Yatra 2016

Kedarnath walking route blocked by Iceberg

Walking route to Kedarnath is blocked by the big Iceberg. NIM is working hard to clear the walking path to Kedarnath. Rudraprayag DM Dr Raghav Langar told that a big iceberg comes on the route between Lincholi and Kedarnath. The iceberg is of height 35 ft and 125 ft width.

Big Iceberg Fall on Kedarnath route

NIM team found a big iceberg on the route to Kedarnath. All path is covered by the iceberg. Its been noted that all importants items transported on Mules to Kedarnath. Experts from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology has told that in these months there are more chances of avalanches due to light snowfall and unstable temperatures.

News Src : Jagran, Rudraprayag

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Published Date: March 31, 2016
Last Updated On: April 4, 2016
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Char Dham Budget Tour Booking