Char Dham Yatra 2017

New Route to Kedarnath

Kedarnath Route Map

Kedarnath Route Map

Before we proceed to then New Route of Kedarnath, we should explain the Old Route.

The old trek route was started from Gaurikund to Kedarnath via Rambara, a total walking distance of 14 kms. It was a nicely built pavement with fences, many shelters, shops and public conveniences in-between. The route was extremely safe, easy and with beautiful views of valleys, jungles and waterfalls.

After the disastrous flood in Kedarnath region during 2013, the old route was completely washed away, with no scope of repairs or reconstruction.

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Kedarnath Temple New Route

The new route to Kedarnath Temple is constructed and maintained by NIM teams members. Various teams are working to maintain the best suitable road to Kedarnath. New route via Rambara and Linchauli is major trek route to reach Kedarnath. Rambara was completely washed away in 2013 floods. Now only newly constructed bridge is to landmark Rambara.

Gaurikund to Kedarnath

This route will start from Gaurikund to Kedarnath, a total trek of around 15-16 kms. This route has been recommended by NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering). As the route between Rambara and Kedarnath was completely swept away, pilgrims can reach Kedarnath via Linchauli.

Trek Route Map To Kedarnath From Gaurikund

Gaurikund – 6 kms – Rambara Bridge – 4 kms – Jungle Chatti – 3 kms  – Bheembali – 4 kms – Linchauli – 4 kms – Kedarnath Base Camp – 1 kms – Kedarnath Tremple

Kedarnath Trek Route Map

Kedarnath Trek Route Video

Here you can watch how the new trek follows through Rambara Bridge, Chota Lincholi and other camsp on the route to Kedarnath.

Alternative Trek Routes

From 2016, there has been two more trek routes open for Kedarnath. These are the new trek routes to Kedarnath :

1. Chaumasi – Kham – Rambara – Kedarnath (Total Distance 18 kms)

2. Trijuginarayan – Kedarnath (Total Distance 15 kms)

Keep visiting this section for more updates on the new route to Kedarnath.

Published Date: March 1, 2016
Last Updated On: April 13, 2017

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shivadhanush BR
3 days 1 hour ago

Hi Sacred Yatra, will the trek be completed in a day or we need to Up trek 1 day and down trek 1 day. what is the total time need to trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath and back to Gaurikund. Please advise. We need to plan our journey accordingly as we are coming from Bangalore, Karnataka. Please.

8 days 19 hours ago

Weather it was advisable to stay in kedarinath… weather we get dol people will be there for return

8 days 19 hours ago

What will be the rate for the month June and July for dol carrying by mens to kedarinath

Adityavardhan Tiwari
12 days 2 minutes ago

Is there any accomodation facility in kedarnath like near it some rest house or some place where we can rest for the night

13 days 21 hours ago

how much bus fare from Rishikesh to gourikund and rudraproyag to badrinath?

14 days 20 hours ago

hello…. i want to start trek from gourikund to kedarnath and i will stay one night at kedarnath next day come back at gourikund during this time where putting my luggage? and one more thing have any gmvn accommodation at gourikund?

18 days 20 hours ago

How much time pony Will take from gorikund to kedarnath

26 days 12 hours ago

hi people, I just wanted to ask if there is any timing to start trek to kedarnath as we are planning to start trek after noon so is there any restriction to continue trek at night… Please Reply ASAP

27 days 2 hours ago

Hi….Since there is no room left in GMVN uttarkashi so will it be right to stay in gaurikund because i want to visit kedarnath and tungnath,chandrashila as well. how frequently UTC buses depart from rishikesh to gaurikund or what are their timings,how much time they take to reach gaurikund from rishikesh,because check in time is 12 noon at GMVN gaurikund so i want to be there around 12.please also mention minimum days to cover both kedarnath and tungnath chandrashila and time duration of trekking.

Prakhar Mishra
29 days 21 hours ago

What are the timimgs of buses of state transport from haridwar to gaurikund? since am a student and travelling solo in May last.My budget is limited, so please suggest how to plan my journey from haridwar to kedarnath.from kedarnath . I also want to visit tungnath and chandra shila…

1 month 22 hours ago

Want to visit kedarnath in 1st week of May..advise if possible to trek then

Shefali Atrey
1 month 5 days ago

Hello… I and a friend of mine are wanting to cover Kedarnath-vasuki tal – chorabari lake between May 7 – May 11..Please suggest where can we do the bookings for stay at kedarnath , contact details of any guide for vasuki tal. Thank you

Kanika Tyagi
1 month 14 days ago

Hi! I will be travelling solo from New Delhi to Kedarnath starting from 10th June to 17 th June, covering Haridwar, Rishikesh, Sitapur, Rudraprayag, Sonprayag and then reach Gaurikund and start Trekking. Would please some ideas regarding my solo trip as this would be first long journey (solo).

1 month 13 days ago

Hi Kanika, June is the best month to visit Kedarnath, but before starting your trek make sure that you have booked accommodation at Sonprayag and Gaurikund as June is the peak session to visit Kedarnath. The trek route is swift and is well connected to the temple, you will find water source and food stalls at every 3 to 4 km distance.

Syam Prasad
1 month 14 days ago

Hi Team Sacred Yatra!

We will be starting to Gaurikund from New Delhi by Car on May 24th. We might reach Gaurikund by evening. Planning to book Del/Sup Del Rooms in GMVN Rest House in Gaurikund. Kindly suggest whether the Rest House is good to stay or not. We are group of 6 Members. We want to start Trekking on May 25th Early morning. Is GMVN Rest House nearer to the Trekking Spot?

1 month 14 days ago

Hi Syam Prasad, As you are travelling during peak time we advise you to book GMVN rooms as early as possible. The rooms are fine at GMVN TRH and you can easily start trek from here.

rabin das
1 month 23 days ago

any package tour covering kedarnath, badrinath, pouli

1 month 24 days ago

Hi Rabin, Our representative will contact you soon and provide best package.

Mandeep Mann
3 months 27 days ago

Helicopter may month me kab se shuru hota hai.

3 months 25 days ago

Helicopter service starts as soon Kapats open.

4 months 27 days ago

can i find any hotel in gaurikund below rs 500 with attached bath ? it should also be double bed room . please help me.

4 months 27 days ago

Hi Arjun, After the 2013 flash floods, there are only couple of guest house left which has pricing start from INR 400/- per pax.

7 months 18 days ago

What are the items one should carry while going to Kedar by Pony / Palki. Would Pony / Palki would allow luggage in addition to the passenger?

8 months 4 days ago

I am advature it possible to treak kedarnath in 1 week of november?

8 months 3 days ago

Yes, Kedarnath look more awesome that time, though the temple get closed by then.

8 months 13 days ago

what is the best possible way to visit Badrinath -kedarnath-gangotri-yamunotri ?Kindly suggest

8 months 13 days ago

Hi Rakesh, the best way to visit is Chardham is from Rishikesh (by Bus/ Car). If you have budget and a group of more than 2-3 prefer Car service. Else look for bus service from Rishikesh/ Haridwar.

8 months 17 days ago

When will helicopter service to Kedarnath is starting again ?

8 months 17 days ago

From 12th September helicopter service to Kedarnath is starting again.

8 months 17 days ago

How much time will be need to trek to Kedarnath from Gaurikund ?

8 months 17 days ago

The trek need atleast 6-8 hrs of time for adults.

SC Minocha
8 months 19 days ago

I have tried the book now site. It is not accepting queries regarding visit in May 2017.

8 months 19 days ago

Hi Sir,
You can try later in Jan-Feb month for May 2017 trip.

SC Minocha
3 months 29 days ago

I have registered myself for Kedarnath yatra for 12 May 2017. Kindly guide me on the following points :-

Is there any bus service from Gurgaon/Delhi/haridwar/Rishikesh to Sonpryag etc in May 2017

How many days in advance ( maximum ), I can book the seat online

How many days in advance ( maximum ), I can book the accommodation GMVN online for Kedarnath

Can I get accommodation for 3 nights at Kedarnath as I have to visit Vasuki Tal also.

3 months 25 days ago

Hi, There is a bus service from Delhi (Kashmere Gate) to Sonprayag at 09:00 pm which can be book in 30 days advance. Kindly check here for more details . Regular bus service is available to Sonprayag from Haridwar/ Rishikesh. As of now, no online booking facility available for buses from Haridwar/ Rishikesh.

You can also book GMVN hotels in advance from their official websites. You can stay as many nights as you wish at Kedarnath Dham.

S C Minocha
1 month 14 days ago

I have booked bus ticket from delhi to sonpryag. For return journey, the utconline says, there is no service. Kindly advise. However, I have booked rail ticket from rishikesh(raiwala) to delhi. Now only booking from sonpryag to rishikesh is required for 16 May 2017.

1 month 14 days ago

Hi, Return ticket online booking is not available right now. But you can easily board Uttarakhand Roadways bus or several other service by GMOU and private operators will be avaiable at Sonprayag or even from Gaurikund.

SC Minocha
20 days 13 hours ago

I will reach Sonpryag on 11 May 2017 at 10 AM. I have booked darshan for 12 May and I will stay at Gaurikund on 11 May and at Kedarnath on 12 May to 14 May at gmvn nandi complex.

Kindly advise :-

If I can get medical fitness at Gaurikund or I should get it from Sonpryag before proceeding to Gaurikund ?

On 14 May, I wish to travel to Vasuki tal. From where I can get the permission ?

SC Minocha
19 days 22 hours ago

Thanks once again.

SC Minocha
1 month 14 days ago


SC Minocha
1 month 27 days ago

I have Airtel prepaid sim. For going to Kedarnath and Vasukital, do I, require bsnl post paid or bsnl prepaid will also work ?

1 month 27 days ago

Hi Mr Minocha, Only BSNL signal is avalable at Kedarnath. You will also find some PCO facility at Kedarnath.

S C Minocha
1 month 26 days ago

That is true, but my query is that, should I procure a post paid bsnl sim or I can buy prepaid bsnl sim as well. Last year I visited Amarnath where only post paid bsnl was working.

1 month 26 days ago

Both prepaid and postpaid will work at Kedarnath.

SC Minocha
1 month 26 days ago

Thanks again.

SC Minocha
3 months 24 days ago


SC Minocha
8 months 20 days ago

Do you have a similar package for me ?

8 months 20 days ago

Kindly fill details at

SC Minocha
8 months 22 days ago

I am 64 and wish to travel solo to Kedarnath in May 2017. Tentative plan is as under
Day 1 Gurgaon to Rishikesh by bus(UTC)/Car
Day 2 Rafting in Rishikesh. NS
Day 3 Rishikesh to Sonpryag by bus/shared taxi.
Day 4 Sonpryag to Gaurikund by shared taxi
Day 4 Gaurikund to Kedarnath by trekking
Day 5 Kedarnath to Vasuki tal/Chorabari tal
Day 5 Back to Kedarnath. NS
Day 6 Kedarnath to Gaurikund by trekking
Day 6 Gaurikund to Guptkashi. NS
Day 7 Guptkashi to Rishikesh. NS
Day 8 Rishikesh to Gurgaon by bus (UTC)/Car
May I have your expert advice please.

8 months 20 days ago

Kindly fill details at

SC Minocha
8 months 29 days ago

Please give some more info about vasuki tal. I am 64, have done Amarnath from Baltal in solo trek. Can I do solo trek to vasuki tal from Gaurikund and kedarnath in May 2017 ? What is the altitude of vasuki tal ? Pl advise a detailed plan.

8 months 29 days ago

Vasuki tal is situated at an altitude of XXXX ft and 8 km from Kedarnath. One should try to trek with the guide. Its a day to & fro trek from Kedarnath to Vasuki Tal.

SC Minocha
9 months 1 day ago

In 2017, kedarnath yatra will commence in May. Will the trekking route from kedarnath to Vasuki tal also open by that time ?

9 months 20 hours ago

That will be decided after seeing weather conditions. Most probably trek to Vasuki Tal will open at same time of opening of shrine.

Ramesh Kumar ojha
9 months 5 days ago

sir,we are planning to visit kedarnath sham in first week of September.we are 6 adults and 4 kids below 5years.pls send me deatais of pony and palki price for one side and both side

9 months 5 days ago

Hi Ramesh ji, Ponies/ Palkis are available from Rs 2000 to 4000/-

Sandipan Bhattacharya
9 months 20 days ago

We are planning to visit Kedarnath during the second half of October 2016. Other from GMVN huts, is there any other decent accommodation available at Kedarnath? I would also like to know the rate of car hire from Haridwar to Sonprayag. Pls help…

Subhodeep Kundu
9 months 22 days ago

We are 8 family members will be reach kedarnath through helicopter as on 23 october morning. Can we came back to gaurikund in same day evening through poni/ horse.

9 months 21 days ago

Yes, only if you start trek to Gaurikund very early.

Rash Bihari Choubey
9 months 23 days ago

Hi, We are two Senior Citizen Couples. Will be reaching Gaurikund, on 27th Sept.2016 evening. On 28th morning can we hire a pony for Kedarnath and come back in same evening after Darshan. What would be rate for Ponies, Regards

9 months 24 days ago

Hello Choubey ji, Ponies are available from Rs 2000 to 4000/- .

Tanu Bansal
9 months 29 days ago

We are a group of 8 people. Few of us want to trek to Kedarnath while elders and kids will take helicopter services to Kedarnath. Would it be possible if half of the group goes by trek and half by helicopter and yet be able to get to Karnaprayag together?

Amit ghosh
10 months 3 days ago

Thanks a lot to SACRED YATRA for your qiuck response. Another thing to ask that if Biometric card (required for Kedarnath Yatra) can be done from Sonprayag or Gaurikund,

10 months 3 days ago

Yes, Registration can be done at Sonprayag. More info on

Tanu Bansal
10 months 3 days ago
We are a group of 8 people for do dham yatra that include few elders and kids. We are planning to travel in October from Delhi. We have made the following itinerary: Day 1: Delhi – Haridwar Day 2: Haridwar – Rudraprayag Day 3: Rudraprayag – Phata – Kedarnath – Phata – Karnaprayag Day 4: Karnaprayag – Badrinath – Joshimath Day 5: Joshimath – Devaprayag Day 6: Devaprayag – Haridwar- Delhi Please suggest if the above itinerary is suitable? Also, few of us want to trek to Kedarnath (barring elders and kids who will take helicopter services to Kedarnath). Would… Read more »
8 months 18 days ago

only 6 days for shri badri and kedar it will be very hectic and tiresome. please add a few days more.

Amit ghosh
10 months 6 days ago

Hi, I am planning to visit Kedarnath in this Oct. Kindly suggest where I need to stay so that I can start early morning for Kedarnath Yatra, What is actual trek dist in new route.

10 months 6 days ago

You can stay at Sonprayag or Gaurikund a night before trek to Kedarnath. There are ample accommodations in Kedarnath for night stay.
Check this links :

10 months 12 days ago

We are planning to start kedarnath trek on early morning by 5-6AM. In this case, is it possible to visit lord Kedarnath and come back on same day by evening..

10 months 11 days ago

Hi, It will be possible if you are avid trekker. But as the location is awesome, we suggest you to spend some time in Kedarnath.

DrSwapan Sinha
10 months 22 days ago

Second visit to kedarnatji was in Oct 23-25,2010 &was surprised to find road widened,with concrete and electricity reached Kedarnath.Accommodation at Gmvn was excellent compared to old gmvn Himlok away from the temple.Both occassins it was fullmoon nights & full range of snow capped mountains mesmerised.Propose to visit Kedarnathji on new route from 14-17 Oct,2016.Visit to kedarnath & Chorwarital is full of adventure & thrills at every turn

10 months 22 days ago

I had the opportunity to visit Sri Kedarnthji temple on 20-21Oct1985 stayed at Hotel Himlok and trek to Chorwarital when mountaineers to Basukital gone missing

10 months 29 days ago

We are a team of ten persons consisting of men,women and child also planned to go to Kedarnath by trekking.Is it possible to reach Kedar in one day from Gaurikund/Phata/Linchauli?If not,where to stay in between and how is the accommodation?

10 months 27 days ago

Subas, its most probable to reach Kedarnth on Day 1. Or you an stay at inbetween camps. There are tents colony for pilgrims which have comfortable accommodations.

Ruppa Rambabau
11 months 11 days ago

We 8 members planing to visit kerdarnath. we may be reach Haridwar on 30-06- 2016 at 3.45 AM .Advise us how to reach to Gaurikund and Kedarnath by walk from Gaurikund, tell me the rate up&down by horse, night rest&food. tell me please sir

11 months 10 days ago

HI Ruppa, You can start journey by bus/ taxi from Haridwar at morning and reach Phata/Gaurikund by evening. Stay at night in hotels in Sonprayag/ Phata. Start trek at early morning to Kedarnath from Gaurikund. Horse ride can cost 4000-6000 both up & down. Kedarnath has adequate lodging and food facilities. Check out

11 months 16 days ago

How to book online accommodation in kedarnath.

11 months 15 days ago
Debasis Jana
11 months 20 days ago

Please suggest 5N – 6days tour own arrangement for kedarnath, chopta, tunganath, chandrashila. How to arrange program from haridwar?

11 months 19 days ago

Hi Debasis, hire a cab from Haridwar and reach above destinations. There are ample hotels to stay.

11 months 20 days ago

we r a group of 6 members planning to visit kedarnath in the second week of October. can u plz tell us about the new route and weather condition of that time. and is there any facilities to stay near the temple?

11 months 19 days ago

New route trek to Kedarnath has extended by 4 kmn and goes via Linchauli. There are ample tents in Kedarnath for night stay. Weather in October is favourable for visit and one can feel coldness at night.

We have also provided all information aboute route and Kedarnath tents colony at following pages.

11 months 26 days ago

What is the process of registration in kedarnath and how much it’s takes time. Can we done it online.

11 months 25 days ago
11 months 28 days ago

What is current rate of pony and horses? AND ALSO SUGGEST ME WHERE TO TAKE PONY AN HORSE.

11 months 28 days ago

Rate for Ponies & Horses starts from 4000/- per adult. One can hire them from Gaurikund.

Debasis Jana
1 year 2 days ago

What is in an avarage rate in October’16 of pony/Horse .

1 year 2 days ago

It is 1800 & 1200 INR for up & down between Gaurikund & Kedarnath respectively.

S bhattacharjee
1 year 5 days ago

Is palki available for Kedarnath? N what is the charge for this? N from where is it available? We are planning to go day after tomorrow. Please give some information.

1 year 5 days ago

H, Palki are available at starting trek point Gaurikund for Rs 7000/-.

Debasis Jana
1 year 8 days ago

What is in an avarage rate in October of pony/Horse this year ?

Debasis Jana
1 year 8 days ago

Where I contact for accommodation in Kedarnath?

Debasis Jana
1 year 9 days ago

I want to stay one night at Kedarnath tent colony prepared by NIM. Booking procedure required with rate

1 year 9 days ago

The tents and other accommodation in Kedarnath cannot be book in advance. There are enough accommodation for pilgrims.